Cooper Lake State Park in Texas

Texas is the largest state in the continental United States. Not surprisingly Texas features many large state parks. One of these is Cooper Lake State Park. This 3,000 acre park is located in the northeast part of the state. The park is divided in to two parts. The South Sulfur unit is in Hopkins County while the Doctors Creek unit is north of that in Delta County. This is a full service park that is open year around to campers, hikers, and casual guests. Overnight campers are welcome though the park does have designated hours for daytime activities. It is a one of the more recently established state parks.

The Doctors Creek part of Cooper Lake State Park is home to a large beach with access to the lake. The shore is about six miles in length and includes a sandy beach that is ideal for relaxing under the sun. Swimmers flock to this area for the chance to enjoy the refreshing waters of the lake. Swimming is not supervised so it is important to use caution. If you prefer boating, there is plenty of room for that. Doctors Creek has a large boat launch area that is accessible for those with disabilities. From here you can launch fishing or recreational boats. Water skiing is a popular activity in this area. If you want to fish, the lake is full of different species year round. There are areas where you can clean the fish as well. Doctors Creek is also home to several camping sites. These sites have running water and electricity to help you get the most out of your experience. There is room for RVs as well as tents. There are also several cottages that you can rent for extended stays. The campground in Doctors Creek also features a playground, volleyball court, and amphitheatre.

Cooper Lake State Park is full of places to enjoy wildlife and nature. Doctors Creek is known for its bird watching areas throughout the park. There are a large number of nature trails that offer chances to see wildlife. Educational tours and nature programs are also offered. Biking is also available on several trails. If you would rather go out on your own on the hiking trails you can do that as well. There are several trails geared toward maximizing the physical aspect of hiking.

The South Sulfur part of Cooper Lake State Park offers much more opportunities to camping. There are almost twice as many fully equipped camping sites in this area. Fully furnished cabins and cottages can be rented as well. South Sulfur has several boat ramps. Fishing is available in this area too. There is a pier that is used as a staging ground for fisherman in the South Sulfur part. South Sulfur is also geared toward horseback riding. There is an extended trail designated for horseback riders as well as campsites designed for them. Like Doctors Creek, South Sulfur also includes volleyball courts, playgrounds, beaches, and an amphitheatre. The vast size of Cooper Lake State Park allows for a lot of room for individual campsites. You will have no problem parking an RV there. There are also fully functioning bathrooms that include showers as well as nearby laundry facilities.

Aside from the great amenities for campers, nature is a huge part of the park. Animals you can see around the area include deer, rabbits, and bobcats. There is also plant life as well. To learn about the wildlife in the area consider taking one of the nature tours. Otherwise, find a great area in the park to admire some of the natural beauty. There are many unique flowers and trees to see at the park. For information on rentals, policies, and events you can contact Cooper Lake State Park at 903-395-3100 for the Doctors Creek Unit or 903-945-5256 for the South Sulfur Unit. Regardless of the area of the park you visit, you can expect to find a sufficient amount of outdoor activity for an entire vacation. Kids will love the lake, play areas, and nature walks. For outdoorsmen looking to do what they love, you can count on great fishing and hiking opportunities at the park.