Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia

Sky Meadows State Park is about an hour away from Washington DC. The park runs alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains in parts of two counties. It has a sufficient amount of wooded and grassy areas. In addition, the park provides access to the famous Appalachian Trail. Camping, fishing, and hiking are among the popular things to do at this wonderful state park. Here is a guide to what you can expect when visiting Sky Meadows State Park.

If you enjoy truly natural camping, this is the park to visit. There are several campsites at the park that require reservations. However, there are no cabins, running water, or power capabilities. This is camping at its core. The park does close at night so if you are planning to camp you must arrive before sunset. Camping is restricted to the designated areas. Picnic tables are provided as well as a fire ring. There are no toilets but there are bathroom pits. The large group camping areas is the only one that has a portable toilet. There is no running water there. Cars and RVs area also prohibited at the campsites. These are sites that can only be reached by hiking. Obviously, this isn’t great for many families. However it is a great opportunity to experience true camping with friends and family members who want to join you.

While fishing is allowed in the park, swimming and boating are prohibited. The fishing area is a designated body of water about one acre in size. You can only fish from the coastline. No boats of any kind are allowed, including kayaks or rowboats. The water is full of largemouth bass and catfish, among other species. Fishing rules and regulations in the state apply here. Hunting is also banned in the park.

Sky Meadows State Park has plenty of trails to enjoy hiking. The trail system is over twelve miles. There is a hiking trill for everyone. If you are just looking for a casual walk, there are easy trails that navigate through the park. If you are an avid hiker, you can go on trails that are much more difficult. These trails have portions that involve climbing and walks through tough terrain. The park is also a hub for the Appalachian Trail. This trail spans much of the length of the Appalachian Mountains. If you hop on the Appalachian Trail from Sky Meadows State Park, you have a few days hike to Shenandoah National Park. However staying local also provides you with ample hiking room. Bikes and vehicles are only allowed on paved areas. Horseback riding is also permitted in the park but only in assigned trails. The main hiking trails do not permit anything other than hiking on foot.

In addition to intense camping and hiking options, the park also takes pride in its nature and wildlife. There are several events geared toward educating people about both. You can inquire about nature programs by contacting the park. You can also look at the calendar of events on the park website or by contacting the park office. The park includes several festivals and programs throughout the season.

If you want to spend the day at the park, there is a picnic area. Space is limited, but it does feature tables and a grill. Parking is limited here as it is in the entire park so it is a good idea to plan ahead if you are going to have a picnic. In addition, the park features a visitor center, gift shop, and a historical building on the premises. Sky Meadows State Park is a simple park that is definitely geared toward experienced outdoorsmen. The fishing space is limited, the camping is rustic, and the hiking trails or more advanced than most state parks. Amenities are limited and the park is geared toward hikers and not so much for people driving up and visiting, though that is definitely available. If you are planning a trip down the Appalachian Trail, this is a great place to stop and came for the night. The scenery is beautiful and the atmosphere is peaceful. Sky Meadows State park is also accessible to the disabled. This park is ideal to spend a day in natural elements.