Westmoreland State Park in Virginia

Westmoreland State Park is located in the northeastern part of Virginia. This is an all-purpose park that caters to a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is welcoming to people of all outdoor interest levels. Casual visitors can spend the day or plan a camping trip with modern amenities. Experienced outdoorsmen can opt for more rugged hiking and camping choices. This park is also open to boating, swimming, and much more. Westmoreland State Park is over 1,300 acres in size and runs along the Potomac River. This is a park that has something for everyone.

Whatever camping experience you want, it will be available at Westmoreland State Park. For campers seeking a departure from modern amenities, there are campsites throughout the park. You can park your car or RV at the campsite and set up a temp. Grills are available at each campsite took food and camp fires are permitted. If you need logs, you can purchase them through the park. You cannot bring your own. Outlets are available if needed. There are also bath and laundry facilities if you need to use them. There are over 130 campsites available, though some of those do not offer electric or water hookups. For a more modern experience, you can rent cabins in the park. The cabins at Westmoreland are fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, deck, grill, and heat pump. Cabins range in size from one room to multiple bedrooms. You need to bring your own supplies as well, including cleaning products. These cabins do not include television or private washers but do offer electricity. These are ideal for families who want a little more comfort while still enjoying the wilderness around them.

If you plan to fish, the Potomac River is home to many saltwater fish. You are allowed to fish from a boat provided you have a proper license from the state. There are also shoreline fishing areas and piers where you can sit and cast your fishing line. If you prefer to catch freshwater fish, there is a pond that is home to a variety of species including catfish and bass. If you are in to boating, motor boats are allowed in certain areas. There are also areas ideal for canoes and rowboats. Westmoreland State Park also has boats available to rent during the warmer months. There is also a facility where you can purchase boat supplies including gas. Guided kayaking tours are also available. While fishing is allowed in the park, hunting prohibited during all seasons.

Hiking is another great activity in Westmoreland State Park. There are multiple trails of varying difficulty and one trail designated for mountain biking. You can take also use a self guided trail. Different trails offer different experiences. One trail offers great views of the Potomac while other trails offer views of the wooded areas in the park itself. Westmoreland State Park is home to many species of wildlife including fish, birds, and mammals. You can see these on any trail you choose.

Westmoreland also offers fully equipped picnic areas. You can choose to bring your own prepared food and sit along one of many picnic tables. You can also go to an area that has a grill and cook your own food. There are many areas throughout the park that have these features. You can also rent a shelter for large groups by contacting the park in advance.

This park has something for everyone regardless of their affinity for nature. There are guided tours and programs for people who want a little help understanding the outdoors. There are also trails and climbing areas for people who have experience. The fishing scene is great for fishermen of all skill levels. You can control your own boating and camping experience as well. The park has enough room to accommodate a lot of guests without ever feeling crowded. If you have any questions you can reach the park office by calling 804-493-8821. Some areas and facilities require reservations and fees, so that is something you want to make sure you know ahead of time. This is a great place to go for a day or for an extended vacation. Boat launch areas and parking are subject to fees but are included in packages for overnight guests.