Cedar Creek State Park

A piece of heaven best describes Cedar Creek State Park in West Virginia. The location is about eight miles south of Glenville, West Virginia. Cedar Creek State park is made up of 2,588 acres of rolling green hills, picturesque trees, and three beautiful lakes. This site has a range of activities available, camping, and historic features. This is a great stop for families, couples seeking a unique romantic getaway, the nature enthusiast, and artist seeking the perfect scenic capture.

The check in station at Cedar Creek State Park was formerly a historical landmark of Gilmer County. It is now restored log cabin. This is only one of the features adding to the historic preservation qualities at Cedar Creek State Park. In addition, there is a restored one room school house open to the public during the summer on Saturdays.
The three lakes are stocked with a variety of fish seasonally. Trout is stocked in the lakes during the months of January and March. Catfish is stocked in the month of June. Bass and Muskie can also be found in the lakes.
Camping is open during the middle of April through the middle of October. Reservation is available for campsites, while there are also sites based on availability. There are a total of 57 sites. All except for six of these sites are equipped with water and electric hookups. The well-spaced campsites feature parking pads, picnic tables, and grills.
There is also a 10 site group camping area available for large gatherings, which features a group fire circle. Pets are allowed on the campgrounds, but must be kept on a leash.
Three comfort stations are available with laundry and shower facilities. Ice and fire wood are available at the check in station. There is also a store at Cedar Creek State Park which carries supplies, groceries, souvenirs, and toiletries visitors may have forgotten to bring for their stay. Three shelters are available by reservation or first come, first serve.
Cedar Creek State Park has a multitude of activities. Fishing is permitted with a fishing license. A swimming pool is open during scheduled hours. For visitors interested in play time, Cedar Creek State Park has miniature golf, croquet, horseshoes, playgrounds, and paddleboats. Cedar Creek State Park provides a setting for those interested in sports as well. Visitors can enjoy basketball, volleyball, tennis, and a softball field is also available.
There are 14 miles of hiking trails, consisting of six levels of trails ranging from basic to challenging.
There are no entrance fees for Cedar Creek State Park, however there are fees for camping and activities, which are as follow:
Camp Site Fees
• Camp sites with no electricity or water: $20.00 per night
• Camp sites with water and electricity: $26.00 per night
• These rates are per six people. Each additional person is $3.00 per night. There is a maximum of 10 people per camp site.
Seasonal Passes
• Child: $58.30
• Adult: $84.80
• Family: $132.50
Swimming Pool Fees
• $3.00 per adult
• $2.00 per child
Rates for Shelter, Picnic Area, and Facility Rental:
• Shelter: $84.50
• Picnic Area: $21.20
• Facility Rental: $132.50
Places close to Cedar Creek State Park to visit include Job’s Temple Historic Site, Glenville Golf Course, Bulltown Historic District, and Burnsville Lake.
For additional information and rates, please visit the Cedar Creek State Park website at:
Additional contact information for Cedar Creek State Park:
2947 Cedar Creek Road
Glenville, WV 26351
(304) 462-7158