Valley Falls State Park in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state surrounded by mountains. Because of this there are several beautiful state parks in that offer a variety of activities and natural wonders. One great park is Valley Falls State Park. Valley Falls is a mid-sized park located near Fairmont. As the name suggests, the park is home to a spectacular set of waterfalls that span about a half mile. However, there is much more to do at Valley Falls.

The rocky water area at Valley Falls State Park is not ideal for large boats are swimming. As such, these are not allowed. However, kayaking and rafting are hugely popular here. Kayaking is only allowed in certain areas and registration is required. The streaming water lends itself to several areas of natural rapids. While kayaking down the river you can enjoy the natural beauty of the falls and surrounding areas. You can also the ruins of an old grist mill and an old sawmill that was part of a once lively community. The water areas are surrounded by rocks that many people use to sunbathe on. You can pull your kayak over and enjoy lunch on the rocks. The river is also home to a great fishing scene. You can stop at any area along the river and start fishing. Fishing is subject to state regulations but there are plenty of fish available to catch.

Away from the water, Valley Falls State Park is home to a great system of hiking trails. There almost twenty miles of trails for hiking and biking that spread all over the park. You can see the falls, parts of the old town, and all of the wooded areas. There are a variety of trails geared toward people of all types. For children and families, consider one of the easier trails that guide you through some of the best natural areas of the park. If you are a skilled outdoorsman you can head out on one of the more advanced trails. Rocky Trail and Wild Turkey Trail offer the opportunity for steep climbing. Different trails offer different views of the wonderful park scenery. Depending on what type of hiking experience you want, make sure you read the information on each trail. Some trails include steep portions that aren’t for everyone.

Rather you are hiking, fishing, or kayaking you can enjoy spending time at several picnic areas. These areas include tables as well shelters that you can rent. There are volleyball courts and horseshoe pits to help create a fun day at the park. Fully working bathrooms are available as well as areas to dispose of trash. The picnic areas are near the best sightseeing spots in Valley Falls State Park. While some people are eating and playing, others can get views of the waterfalls, rock formations, and wooded areas. They are a great place to get a look at the local wildlife.

Valley Falls State Park is not a camping park. The park opens in the morning and closes at sunset. There are nearby hotels, cabins, and camping areas where you can stay if you are visiting for an extended portion of time. You can stay there and visit the park during the business hours. For recommendations about areas to stay near the park you can reach Valley Falls State Park at 304-367-2719 or through mail and email. The park also has events that you can get information about. These events include nature seminars as well as unique events like classic car shows. Information for these can be requested from the park office.

Even though camping and swimming are prohibited at the park, there is still a lot to do to make you enjoy the time you spend there. Kayaking, hiking, and fishing provide ample entertainment for fans of outdoor activity. However, to really appreciate the park it is best to explore the various areas. The waterfalls are very impressive, and the cliff formations are something at which to marvel.