A Visit To Grizzly Creek Redwoods State ParkIn California

Eighteen miles east of Fortuna, California on State Route 36, you will find 360 pristine acres of predominately redwoods known as Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park established in 1921. This secluded park is off the major 101 roadway. There are 30 low use campsites, mainly because of its out-of-the-way access. But, the camper or hiker that likes to be away from the noise of the city and do not mind driving in a less traveled area, Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park would be the ideal camping area to enjoy the wonderful outdoors amidst the tall redwoods during the week or as a weekend retreat.

The Van Duzen River ribbons its way through the park allowing campers a place to swim or fish or just enjoy sitting on the bank and watching it flow past. Other features of the park include nature trails, picnicking, canoeing, kayaking, and hiking. Day use for the park begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. For the visitors who would like to stay overnight or longer, there are hike and bike campsites, environmental campsites, group campsites, and family campsites. The maximum camper length is 30 feet and the minimum trailer length is 24 feet.

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park visitor’s center has information on the parks exhibits and programs and offers guided tours. For these events, reservations are encouraged. Also available are the conveniences of modern restrooms.

Your children may not remember what color you painted their room, or all the toys you bought them while growing up, but when you go on a vacation and go camping as a family to enjoy nature together they will remember those trips. It is fun to explore nature trails and to go where they take you. To sit together around the campfire and share fun times and stories or just listen to the nighttime serenades from unseen critters. You can find all of this at Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park.

Make this the year to get out, enjoy the great outdoors, and privately thank those who had the foresight to save a part of nature for the rest of us to enjoy. When families enjoy nature together it pulls them together with threads of peace and pleasure that are interwoven with the smells of forest sweetness and fresh air and more appreciation for the simple things of life. All scrapbooks should have pictures taken of a family camping out in the wilds of Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park. It is just one of California’s 48 state parks to enjoy.

Camp fees: day use $5 for cars, car campsites during season is $16/off season $12, environmental campsites during season is $9/off season is $7, senior citizens receive $2 discount on camping and $1 discount for day use. You need quarters for the showers. These fees are per night.

Driving directions to The Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park is 20 miles east of Eureka, California and another 18 miles east of Fortuna, California on State Route 36. Physical address is 16949 HWY 36, Carlotta, Ca 95528, telephone: 707-777-3683, campground is open all year, and day use area is open from sunrise to sunset. You can also use you GPS to get you there.