On the eastern edge of Santa Rosa, 60 miles north of San Francisco lies one of the most beautiful parks in California, the Annadel State park. It is a gorgeous park that allows for hiking, trail riding, biking, fishing and animal watching. There is horseback riding, bicycling trails and fishing with black bass and blue Gil fish in the waters. The park is a wild flower haven from April through May, and the plants bloom during January and September.

Annadel State Park is full of marshes, and lakes. The park features 5,000 plus acres of rolling hills, streams, meadows, woodlands and grasslands. The summer months are filled with hot and dry weather and the winter temperatures can drop as low as 20 degrees. The rainy season for this park is during November through April.
The Annadel State Park is the best place for bird, deer and coyote watching. The birds that can possibly be seen are the Scrub Jay, the Steller Jay and the Acorn Woodpecker. The other animals to keep a look out for are the black tailed deer, the gray squirrel, the raccoon, skunk, opossum and the occasional bobcat and mountain lion. There are also some amphibians to be seen crawling around the dry areas of the park lands.

There are trails that are named after their textures and features like the Warren Richardson Trail named after a historic cattle rancher and hop grower, the spring creek trail, the cobblestone trail , the canyon trail, the north Burma trail , the Rough go trail and Steve ā€œSā€ trail for hikers. Lake LLsanjo and the Ledson Marsh is a great site for fishing and for locating rare pond life.

With all of the activities and fun things to do at Annadel State Park there is a reason to visit it year round. The park is one of many parks in California that has beautiful scenery and trails that are wonderful to see from month to month. The park is famous for its rock formations, volcanic origins, cobblestones, and volcanic rock outcrops. The trees that can be seen are the Live Oak, the Gary Oak, the Black oak, the Pacific Madrone and the California Laurel. When anyone visits this park remember to call ahead for special arrangements and dress for the appropriate climate.

The Annadel State Park is located east of Santa Rosa, south of highway 12 on Channel drive. The address is 6201 Channel Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. The Day use park hours are 8am-6pm from March through September, and 9am-5pm from October through April. The park contact number is 707-539-3911 and group reservations can be made at 866-361-5111. The park itself is open from sunrise to sunset. Day use fees are $6 per day. There are no dogs allowed on the trail, but leashed pets are allowed on Channel Drive within the park. There is no camping in the park itself but there is camping allowed at the City Campground at Spring Lake and at Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park. Off trail riding is not permitted and motor vehicles are only allowed on the entrance road and the parking lot.