Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park

California - Bidwell-Sacramento River State ParkNear Sacramento, in the northern part of California, is 185 acres of the state park know as Bidwell-Sacramento River. This area boasts some of the most important natural habitat in the region. It’s also a popular spot for lovers of fishing and water sports of any kind. This article gives thorough but fast coverage of the many attractions in this area. Websites are also provided at the end if you’d like to know more.

<h2> Overview </h2>

Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park has two main activities which are enjoyed the most by outdoor enthusiasts. The main attraction of the park, the river, offers many opportunities for enjoying a wild ride downstream. Boats, kayaks, and inner tubes are among the most popular methods of traveling down the river. Fishing is the other main attraction. Either from the banks of the river or from the inside of a boat, fishing along the river includes salmon, steelhead, and shad to name a few. Also inside this 185-acre state park, you can enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, bird watching, and picnicking.

<h2> Four Main Areas </h2>

There are four main areas within Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park. Each one has it’s own attractions. Read more about each one to see which offers the unique combination you’re looking for. The four different areas are:

<li> Indian Fishery </li>
<li> Big Chico Creek </li>
<li> Pine Creek </li>
<li> Irvine Finch River Access</li>

<h2> Indian Fishery </h2>

A lake surrounded by a woodland of beautiful oak trees, Indian Fishery offers some of the best attractions of the four main areas. The most notable attraction is the fishing. However, hiking trails are also found among the wooded oaks. There is also a significant number of bird watchers who are attracted to the wild life in the area for its diversity. Aside from birds, there are also river otters, turtles, and herons to name just a few of the wild life sights.

<h2> Big Chico Creek </h2>

At Big Chico Creek, water sports are the name of the game. The area is ideally suited for jet skiing. Water skiing is another boating sport that is found commonly enjoyed in the Big Chico Creek. Because of the lush habit of the river, fishing is also popular at this spot. The large gravel bar opening up to the Sacramento River makes this place well suited for swimming and sun bathing as well. The same point is also popular as an exit point for many of the rafts and tubes completing the journey down the river. If you’re planning on tubing, then make Big Chico Creek your last spot as the river will naturally take you there.

<h2> Pine Creek </h2>

This location is ideal for fishing. Canoes and kayaks can also enter the creek here. Aside from fishing, canoing, and kayaking, there are a few other attractions at Pine Creek. It is a popular spot for picnicking. Also there is a riparian habitat. Riparian simply means the point at which water and land meet along the stream. The natural habitat is important for filtering water and replenishing soil among other things. It also gives rise to some rather interesting wild life.

<h2> Irvine Finch River Access </h2>

The name says it all. This is one of the best points to enter to river. If you’re planning on traversing downstream, this is where you’ll want to start. Ramps are available for boats and canoes. You can also bring inner tubes and other flotation devices for going down the river. For your convenience, you’ll also find a five acre parking lot. So, plan to arrive and begin your journey at the Irvine Finch River Access.

<h2> For More Information </h2>

To learn more about Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park visit the official website. You may also want to take a look at the Butte County web page for the park. If you’re traveling to the state park, there are some other nearby attractions in Butte County too. Among the other attractions are golf, hunting, and biking. Of course, there are also plenty more areas for fishing, bird watching, biking, and hiking. So, you might want to take a look at those also.

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