Butano Park

Butano park is one of the most unique of California’s state parks for visitors to see. Located in a secluded canyon filled with red-woods. Butano state park is known as a “secret” park in California because of its special location. For visitors who are interested in this Butano park and all that it has to offer, here is a look at it.

This beautiful park has over 3500 acres for visitors and campers to enjoy. This is the perfect park for those who are seeking a peaceful visit filled with the solitude that many parks these days are lacking. Butano park is known as one of the best places in California for families to go camping. Butano features 39 sites perfect for families up to 8 people. These sites feature picnic tables as well as food lockers and fire rings. They also feature restrooms close by. Some of the camp sites are easily accessible to cars while others you must hike up to.

For those visitors who are interested in the trail camping should register at the visitor center and are limited to the designated areas the park considers suitable for campers. They do allow pit toilets and campers are required to bring all the water they are planning to use during their trip. Gas stoves area allowed but fires are not permitted.

Butano park is also very popular amongst hikers. With all the natural beauty that this park possesses it attract many different hikers young and old alike. Because of where this park is located many photographers both professional and amateur enjoy coming here to try and capture the perfect photo. In January there are a variety of different types of mushrooms to get pictures of, in February you can get pictures of newts and March is perfect for orchids. Their hiking trails also have many locations that show lovely views of the ocean.

There are also several spots available for those who are looking for a peaceful, intimate picnic. They have over 6 sites equipped with picnic tables as well as barbeque pits for those who want to bring along their meat to cook. One should bring all their own supplies if they plan on using the parks barbeque pits. There is plenty of parking and toilets nearby for added convenience.

The rules and regulations for Butano park are similar to most parks and must be adhered to at all times. Dogs must be kept on leashes and the leashes must not be more than 6 feet long. They are not to be left in a vehicle for a long period of time. While the dogs are welcome on the paved roads, campsites and picnic areas it is important to note they are not welcome on the hiking trails.
When it comes to the trails the single track trails are closed to bicycles and horses. Due to safety factors ball games as well as games such as horseshoes and badminton are prohibited.
When it comes to fires, the park does permit fires so long as they are kept in fireplaces and they must be attended to at all times. The park does allow camp stoves the camp has firewood available for purchase at the camp host site. For those who are staying overnight at the park they have strict hours of what they call “quiet time” that happens between 10:00 p.m. and 8 a.m. For those who decide to use generators they are prohibited from 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Butano state park is located at 1500 Cloverdale Road in Pescadero. For more information on the park you can call them at: (650) 879-2040.