Caswell Memorial State Park

When looking for State Parks and recreational activities to undergo in California, there are so many different options available it can be hard to decide on just one. A park which is family friendly and offers many different activities to attend during even just one visit is a park known as Caswell Memorial State Park.

What is Caswell Memorial State Park?

Caswell is a park which consists of riparian oak woodlands which are severely declining throughout California, but had once flourished greatly. Caswell’s existence is not just for recreational activity but to also protect and nurture the existence of the riparian oak woodlands along with many endangered species which can only be found native within the Caswell park. Some activities which can be found in the park are educational tours and speeches, trails and nature watch, beaches, swimming, fishing, and camping.

What are some geographical facts about Caswell Memorial?

Caswell is located running right along side of the Stanislaus River, and currently holds over 258 acres of riparian oak woodlands. The park is located in an area identified as the Great Central Valley of California.

Trail information.

The trails located in Caswell park have been described by visitors and campers as seeming absolutely endless and run all throughout the woodlands of the park. Wildlife encounters are often and you must be weary and come prepared being mosquito’s are one of the inhabitants of Caswell Memorial State Park.

Being the woodlands are wild woodlands when planning on using the trails you will want to dress appropriately for woodland exploration.

Beach Information.

The day use beach is located south from the actual camping grounds. Many activities can be carried out from the day use beach such as swimming and inner tubing. Being it is a day use beach the beach is not permitted to be used at night time except for special occasions and events which do not occur often.

Camping Information.

The camp grounds on Caswell Memorial Park have approximately 55 spaces and allow two vehicles per camp group. There is an additional fee apart from the actual camping space itself per vehicle parked in the campground, be aware that vehicles such as motorcycles are still counted as one vehicle. If you must bring a motorcycle but also need two vehicles be prepared to either park your motorcycle in the parking lot, or load it onto a truck.

The camping grounds consist of approximately 3 bathroom buildings with 4 toilets each and two showers scattered around the camp ground totaling 12 toilets and 6 showers.

Each camp site comes with a cemented down picnic table, and a fire pit for a casual camping experience. Also alike to most campgrounds keep your food well packaged due to grabby wildlife such as gray squirrels.

Caswell Memorial State Park History.

Caswell Memorial area was once a favored place for Indians to explore along the rivers side to collect acorns. The Indians who resided in the area were known as the Yokuts. Spanish explorers along with hunters and fur trappers made frequent use of the woodland areas for its large population of withholding wildlife.

The owner of the land was known as Thomas Caswell. This is a man who found a favor in the beauty of the woodlands and wished to contribute to its maintenance and preservation. In the 1930’s the children of Caswell donated 138 acres to the citizens of California, and the remaining percent of the park was gained through other miscellaneous donations in the area.

Caswell Memorial State Park was then opened for public usage in 1958.

General Park Location and Contact Details.

Caswell Memorial State Park can be accessed by following Highway 99 to the Austin Road Exit. Continue south on Austin Road until you reach the park at the very end of Austin Road.


Caswell Memorial State Park
28000 South Austin Road
Ripon, CA 95366

Caswell Memorial Park can be contacted for booking and general questions via this number:

Rules, Prices and Hours.

Each campsite is limited to 8 people and 2 vehicles. Loud music and noise is prohibited. Quiet hours from 10pm to 6am.
Campsites are 20$ a night, 6$ for additional vehicles, and 6$ per vehicle in day use areas.