Clear Lake Park

Amongst the many beautiful parks that visitors are welcome at in California, Clear Lake park ranks as one of the top. Located at the shores of the states largest freshwater lake visitors will enjoy a plethora of activities here. For those who are planning a visit to Clear Lake park or those who are looking for a fun activity while they are in California here is a review of Clear Lake park and all the activities they have to offer.

One of the main attributes that really attracts visitors to Clear Lake is all the water activities they have to offer. The area is famous for activities such as swimming, boating, water skiing, as well as great fishing opportunities. Clear Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state of California. Fishing is very popular here and those who choose to take part of this activity have caught a variety of fish ranging from crappie, bluegill, large mouth bass as well as channel catfish. Be sure to bring a variety of different baits so you can take advantage of all the different fish there are to catch.

Besides being a great place for water activities visitors also enjoy coming here to go hiking. One of the most popular trails especially amongst those who enjoy history is the Indian Nature Trail. This trail that is self-guided shows visitors how the Pomo people lived. The Pomo people lived in the area for centuries. Visitors will enjoy learning about how they utilized all the natural resources that the land provides. As visitors go down the trail they will go through what was once the Pomo village.

Being known as the on of the places that has one of the oldest lakes in North America it is the perfect place for visitors to really understand the early cultures and customs that originated from this part of California.

Clear Lake park also has several spots that are perfect for lakeshore camping. This camping is great opportunity for couples, friends or families to get away. All the activities features at the park are ideal for campers, and hikers of all ages who are in relatively good health. Before heading out on the trails it is advised that visitors look at the maps and pay close attention to the trails.

Clear Lake park is excited to announce they are soon to be home to several rustic cabins. These cabins will be available for campers to stay in and for those who are interested in reserving one for themselves should contact the park for more information on this fun opportunity.

Clear Lake park has several other unique features such as Wi-Fi available to their visitors. This means that visitors can come be surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the park and do their work on their laptop.

Aside from all the great outdoor activities this park has to offer, it is really the perfect place for those who are seeking some peace and quiet. The scenery is beautiful there are plenty of picnic tables making it ideal for those who want a nice family get-together or a small intimate picnic.

To get into Clear Lake park the fee is $8 a vehicle. There are special passes available for those who are interested in obtaining an annual pass as well as special discounts that apply to veterans or those who are considered disabled. For those who are interested in bringing their boats there is a $5 fee.

Like any good park Clear Lake park has some special rules that are to be followed. Visitors must stay on the designated paths and remember that no firearms or fireworks are permitted at the park. Visitors are also advised to wear mosquito repellant and sunscreen. It is also advised that visitors not feed the wildlife as it only encourages them to approach other visitors. The speed limit on the roads in the park is 15 miles an hour since there is wildlife.
Clear Lake park is located at 3.5 miles northeast of Kelseyville on Soda Bay Road, north of Calistoga. The actual address is 5300 Soda Bay Road. The park is closed at sundown. For more information including information on camping at the park, one should call them at (707)279-4293.