Crystal Cove Park

For visitors who are looking for a park that has a little bit of everything in California should consider the Crystal Cove park. This park offers some of the best of California with a variety of different activities that visitors can take part in. For those who are not familiar with it or those who are planning to visit Crystal Cove, here is a review of this beautiful Californian park and all it has to offer.

Crystal Cove is said to be the park that has something for everyone because it does. To begin with it has wooded canyons, open bluffs, over two miles of the Pacific coastline, as well as offshore waters that are used as a sort of underwater park. While most people associate California with activities they can do in the water, Crystal Cove has many land activities as well.

Crystal Cove park is the perfect destination for hikers or those who are looking for that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere without actually having to go there. Hikers and visitors can follow the hillside or go on the canyon trails. The canyon trails lead to actual campsites where they can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. Besides the natural hiking Crystal Cove is a good place for mountain biking and has plenty of fish to catch for those who are into fishing. Kayaking is also a very popular activity to do while in Crystal Cove park. Crystal Cove also has plenty of trails for horseback riding. Just bring your own horse and equipment and enjoy the ride.

Visitors who are looking to experience Crystal Cove’s water activities will not be disappointed. For those who are looking for a more peaceful visit they can opt for laying out in the sun while trying to tan or going for a peaceful swim. Those visitors who want a bit more excitement could try out surfing or do some scuba diving or skin diving. Divers will get to see a plethora of different fish and other sea creatures.

As mentioned above there is camping available at Crystal Cove. It is important to know that camping here is not going to be like camping at a beach. To reach the first camp ground you are going to have to do quite a hike. Some visitors claim it takes as many as six hours one way just to reach the camp ground. The majority of the trail is up-hill so it is not for those who may have health conditions or those who may not be able to withstand strenuous activity. Campers should also be advised that they will need to bring everything including all the water they plan on using with them. This is truly wilderness camping at its best.

Like any quality park that you will visit they do have their own rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety for everyone visiting the park. Dog are allowed in the park but they must be kept on a leach and off the beaches and back country. They also can never be left in a car for any reason. Alcohol is not allowed at all as well as any glass containers. There is no smoking in the El Moro part of the park and there is no nudity allowed at the park. Collections of seashells, seeds, or any of the tidepool animals is not permitted and although driftwood collections are permitted they limit one to 50 pounds per day. While kayaking is permitted in certain areas other vessels are not allowed. Also all visitors should be gone by sunset unless they are dining at The Beachcomber which closes at 10 p.m.

The Crystal Cove park is located at 8471 Pacific Coast Hwy. Laguna Beach CA 92651 which is near between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach. It is $15 for an all day parking pass and for visitors who are interested in coming back again should look into getting an annual pass which is $125. For those who are interested in camping or those who are going to be bringing their kayak and need to know which areas are safe should contact the park at 949-494-3539.