Visiting the Beautiful Fort Ord Dunes State Park

Fort Ord Dunes State Park, in California, is both a natural park and a historical park. It officially opened to the public in 2009. This park abounds in outdoor activities. It features a variety of unique wildlife. It has several dedicated hiking and bicycling trails. Having once been a training facility for the United States Army, remnants of the past military use remain tucked away throughout the park. A visit, to Fort Ord Dunes State Park, is well worth the visitor’s time.

Visitors can have their breath taken away soon after arriving at the park. After parking your car, take a walk down the newly constructed boardwalk to the bluff top viewing area. Here you get a gorgeous view of the Monterey Bay. From this vantage point, visitors can observe the strong, rugged waves of the ocean. Seals, sea lions, pelicans and other shore birds have been viewed from this observation platform.

If you prefer to be closer to the action, take the short walking trail from the parking area down to the beach. Here, you can view the wildlife in its natural habitat. However, dogs and horses are not allowed on the beach. Also, you cannot have camp fires on the beach. This park is a natural habitat for animals, and officials do not want to disturb the wildlife or the wildlife’s natural setting. The park offers four miles of ocean beach front on the Monterey Bay. The bay offers a breath taking view of the waves and features the natural power of the ocean. With this in mind, visitors should enter the water with caution. The beach has a strong undertow and rugged waves. With no lifeguard on duty at the park, a visitor entering the water does so at their own risk. The park remains open for thirty minutes past sunset. Spectators, of the ocean, can stay and enjoy beautiful beach sunsets.

If the visitor wants more than just enjoying the beach, the hiking trails may be the way to go. The park has four miles of hiking trails to offer its guests. The trails are designated trails, and guest must stay on them. Dogs, on a leash, may accompany their owners on the hiking trails. Dogs, like their owners, are limited to the trails only. Park officials want limited invasion of the natural habitat of the animals. Visitors or pets deviating into the landscape are not permitted at anytime.

While traversing the hiking trails, visitors will encounter educational panels. These panels have pertinent information regarding the wildlife in the area or any historical significance that the spot might have to offer.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, bicycling, and fishing at the park. Bird watching is another popular activity to do at this park. As a dedicated natural habitat, many birds reside in the park. It is the nesting habitat for the protected western snowy plover.

At this time, there are no camping facilities on the grounds. Plans are under way to add a campground, but they are incomplete at this time.

When visiting Fort Ord Dunes State Park, the park personnel recommend that you bring layered clothing with you. Weather conditions have been known to change quickly at the park.

Visitors can enjoy the ocean, its views, and everything that the beach has to offer. Guests can be a part of nature and explore the meandering hiking trails covering the park. This natural and historical park has a learning experience waiting for all of its guests. With its diverse wildlife and remnants of past historical use, it is sure to be a favorite of any visitor. This park has a relaxing atmosphere that will be sure to please. Come and be a part of the experience that this beautiful park has to offer.

Fort Ord Dunes State Park is located north of Monterey, California. It is located on the Monterey Bay.
The park entrance is located on 8th Street at the over crossing of Highway 1. The park is opened daily from 8 am until thirty minutes after sundown. This park is opened to the public and has a fifty car, public access parking lot. If potential visitors require any further information, they should call 831-649-2836.