Stagecoach State Park

Colorado - Stagecoach State ParkStagecoach State Park, Colorado is located less than 20 miles south of Steamboat Springs, and is a year-round destination for people that enjoy the outdoors. The park is over 1600 acres large and includes a 700 acre reservoir.

Open year round, the park is a favorite among locals and travelers because of the exceptional outdoor activities that can be found in the park. There are 4 separate campsites in the park with 92 available sites for campers. Each area has its own distinct features, but all enjoy the beauty of the Yampa Valley.

There are many water sports available in the park. Swimming in the reservoir is permitted in certain areas. Boating, water and jet skiing, and sail boarding is allowed. Because wind conations are varying, people interested in sail boarding may wish to call the park ranger for weather conditions prior to arrival.

Fishing is a very large sport in the reservoir. Rainbow trout are abundant and the occasional brown trout is caught. Because of the high population of trout there is a large population of Pike here also. Pikes have been caught that weigh up to 20 pounds. Ice fishing is allowed in the winter time and conditions for this sport are generally right during the end of December through the beginning of March.

Stagecoach State Park has 8 miles of trails in the park. The Elk Trail is a larger trail equipped to handle bicycles and horseback riding. There are many places to go hiking in Stagecoach State Park and bird watching is very popular. Falcons, hawks and different types of grouse can be seen in the park. Wildlife such as mule deer and coyotes are a common site, as are badgers, squirrels and beavers. Hunting is allowed in designated areas of the park, generally for water fowl, and only during the appropriate hunting seasons.

Stagecoach State Park does offer many winter activities. Camping is allowed in certain areas of the park during the winter months. Cross country skiing and snow shoeing are popular activities when the weather conditions are right. Snow mobiles can not be used in any part of the park accept as a way to move from a car to an ice fishing spot on the reservoir.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the tranquility of the park, as well as the amount of activities that can be found there. Located near so many other popular Colorado destinations, Stagecoach State park is often used as a centralized location for travelers to return to as they explore the area.

The park is located between the Routt and White River National Forests, giving hikers ample opportunity to explore and enjoy the wilderness. Steamboat Springs is located less than 20 miles from the park and is a world famous skiing area. Steamboat Springs is alos home to many festivals and rodeos. Yampa, 20 miles south of the park is also a favorite destination. Home to many restaurants and shops, this town is also an access area to the Flattops Wilderness Area.