Akaka Falls State Park, Hawaii

Akaka Falls State Park is a must see. This makes for an intriguing stop when visiting the island. There is no charge for entrance and parking is available. The park is located along the northeastern coast of Hamakua, just southwest of Homomu. Two water falls are featured here. The Kahuna Falls drop 100 feet just around the corner from Akaka falls that pours 442 feet down into a stream-eroded gorge. Akaka falls is the most popular falls on the island. This park is intended for a nature seeking adventure. There are two paths available on the hike. Don’t be intimidated by the expression hike. The trails are just minutes from the parking lot and are paved. There is a short trail and a long trail. Both offer different views of a true tropical wonder.

Take advantage of nature at its best. Escape from technology and the chaos of every day life. This is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. The scenery is vibrant with flowers including wild orchids and cup of gold. Cup of gold flowers are large gold flowers that smell like coconut and pineapple. Many smaller falls are also right off the path. The falls drop into well vegetated valleys. Bamboo lines the valleys and surrounds you. Lose yourself in the lush forest and breath taking tropical vegetation. Visit this park and step into another world. The comfort and serenity makes it feel like you are thousands of miles away from civilization.

Akaka falls radiates light in every direction. When the position of the sun is right, it becomes clear how the island was labeled the Rainbow State. Encompassing the falls are azaleas, orchids, banana plants and birds of paradise. The hike is enriched by the sight of the red crested cardinals and mongoose. Overflowing jackfruit and guava trees can be found all along the trail. Occasionally these fruits fall from the tree and find their way on the paved trail.

Whether you are looking for time to fill on your tour of the island or the experience of a lifetime, the Akaka Falls State Park is an attraction you do not want to miss. The beauty of the forest, the smell of the flowers, the sounds of nature, and the very atmosphere make this hike one of the most romantic hikes out there. Today we suffer from over stimulation and a constant demand of time. Hit the power off button, grab your camera, and walk into another dimension. Take it all in and let the magic of the falls rejuvenate you. If Akaka Falls State Park is on your list of must do’s, rest assured it does not take your whole day to visit. The walk can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour. Bring a camera to catch this fascinating experience in time.