Eagle Island State Park

Just west of Boise lies the Eagle Island State Park, an excellent destination for nearby residents and travelers alike. There are a number of great attractions that make this state park such a great place to visit and come back to time and time again. Located in the state of Idaho, many families flock to this state park due to the impressive number of activities that can be enjoyed there. Not only is the entrance fee low at $5 per vehicle, the assorted things to do make this a great park for families with a variety of interests.

One of the most appealing things about Eagle Island is the fishing hole it possesses. While not extraordinarily large, the fishing hole is great for beginners and for families who are including children in this activity. Even lying out by the water is a great way to soak up the nice weather and the perfect place to have a picnic. Many people come to this park for birthday parties and other get together’s because of how well maintained it is.

A lot of people enjoy coming to this state park because it is the perfect location for bringing along animals. Taking a mile long walk with a dog is a great way to soak in some sunshine and really enjoy the beauty this park offers. While it may come as a surprise to some, this park also allows horseback riding. This is great news for somebody that wants to take their horse out for a trot and enjoy the outdoors as well. Even if an individual is going alone, they will find the paths to be paved neatly, making going for a walk or run very enjoyable and safe.

Something that draws people into visiting this park time and time again is the disc golf course. Many people are interested in this activity because it is easy to understand and can be very fun for an entire family. The 18-hole course is open from October until April and the 9-hole course is open in the warmer months of May through September. Coming to this park anytime of the year will quickly show how popular this activity is, as there are always some people playing.

Kids are sure to love the large waterslide at Eagle Island State Park. Twisting and turning, the waterslide is very impressive and comes at a surprise to many people visiting the park for the first time. An individual can ride the slide once for only $1 or pay $12 for unlimited rides. It is important to note that the rider must be at least 42” tall to enjoy the waterslide. As long as the child meets this requirement, they are sure to enjoy riding this waterslide over and over again while visiting the park.

Over the next few years, there is to be a large number of changes to be the park. The layout will be altered a bit, along with more recreational activities that will be built. While this may seem like an annoyance to visit while construction is taking place, it is exciting to witness the changes that are being made and being able to witness the park growing and becoming even more enjoyable for visitors.

With the entrance fee being just $5, this is a great place for an all day outing. Whether an individual is planning on riding their horse on the designated trails, play disc golf, or do a bit of fishing, this is an excellent state park to check out. There are very few parks in Idaho that possesses all of these different activities, especially at a price this low. Permits can even be sought out for weddings or large events that wish to be held at Eagle Island State Park. Annual passes are available for just $40, making this a great and affordable place to keep coming back to time and time again.