Harriman State Park

In the state of Idaho, Harriman State Park shines its welcome beacon for any and all wildlife in the area. This 16,000 acre refuge is located within the greater ecosystem of the Yellowstone area and is home to many species of fish, fowl and land animals, including Sandhill Cranes and the Trumpeter Swam. In addition, fishermen come from all over the country to try their luck in Henrys Fork; one of the premier fly-fishing streams in the world. With over 8 miles of length, there is sure to be an isolated spot for even the most demanding of anglers. These are just a few of the things to do at this amazing venue.

This is one state park that has kept up with the times. They can be contacted via email, phone or fax as well as the standard street address. Each of these are listed below:

Mailing Address
3489 Green Canyon Road
Island Park, ID 83429

Street Address
3489 Green Canyon Road
Island Park, ID 83429
Phone: (208) 558-7368
Fax: (208) 558-7045

Web Site: http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/
In addition, they manage an updated Facebook page to update potential visitors on happenings at the park and take advantage of the tremendous power of social media these days as a great free way of advertising their great diversity of services.

With 16,000 acres in total, this park has many different activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, biking, equestrian events or simply watching nature. Many types of guide walks, tours of historic buildings and visits to the countryside are readily available from the expert guides who call this area home. There are also designated place for the viewing of wildlife, cross country skiing and mountain biking too. These activities have to be practiced in moderation as the elevation of 6,120 feet make it more than one mile above sea level, meaning that the air is a lot thinner than most people are used to breathing.

Since Harriman State Park is a refuge for wildlife, there are certain restrictions that visitors must abide by at all times and they include specific items regarding pets. There are no pets allowed whatsoever on overnight stays, and any animals that accompany their owners on day trip must be on a leash at all times as well as being confined to the day use parking lots only. This is for the protection of the native creatures, but potential visitors should be aware of these rules before making reservations to visit.

Probably the most popular outdoor activity at the park next to fishing is horseback riding. Since the Harriman trails are not motorized, this makes for the perfect way to visit the area while still enjoying a wonderful time on these fine mounts. There are more than 20 miles total on this facility with hiking, biking and cross country skiing also able to be done here. A guided tour is also offered through one of the park vendors: Dry Ridge Outfitters, who can be reached at 208-558-RIDE (7433) for parties who are interested in making a reservation.

One of the major projects that the Harriman State Park has been working on is a restoration detail in the Aspen area. This is an ongoing venture that will cover a number of years, and reports are that ground treatments are the target for this year and this has been accomplished. Many of the trees in the area have been lost due to fire related activities in the area, but the goal of this project is to help rejuvenate the species here and help to also make for a better habitat for the indigenous flora and fauna that are native to the area. The park can be reached at 208 558 7368 for anybody wanting more information or to help with donations.

Harriman State Park is easy to reach, visitors are directed to go North from Ashton on Highway 20 approximately 18 miles. Then head due South from West Yellowstone for 37 miles where the park will be found on the West side of the road.

This is one spectacular place to observe wildlife or do some fly fishing. With its rudimentary style and undisturbed habitats, it makes for a different experience for vacationers of those wanting to get away for some peace and quiet.