Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs State Park is a great place to experience the beauty of Idaho’s natural landscape. Single-day passes can be purchased for five dollars per day per vehicle, or yearly passes can be purchased for forty dollars. At this wonderful park, visitors can spend time hiking, camping, mountain biking, boating, and more. There are many different activities to explore and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Thousand Springs State Park also sponsors many community events year-round for all to enjoy. Below you will find more information about this state park, contact information, and the activities available if you are looking for a place to camp, hike, fish, or spend great time outdoors.

Thousand Springs State Park encompasses 110 acres and rises to an elevation of 2,800 feet. As such, the park has many places for visitors to hike and picnic. The scenery in this park is quite beautiful and there are a wide range of flora and fauna that inhabit this area. The park is also very well-known for its unique geological features. The cracks and folds that exist in the earth in this park area are able to track the movement of water, earth and lava flows. Geologic events are recorded in the landscape of this park. Anyone who is interested in studying the geology of this area should definitely visit Thousand Springs State Park.

As the name implies, this park also has many fascinating rivers and springs. The Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve is a great place for visitors to go. There is a hiking trail that leads you to a platform with a perfect view of a natural waterfall flowing at 180,000 gallons per minute. The waterfall is twenty feet high and is accessible year-round for visitors to come and see. This is something you will not want to miss on your trip to the park.

Another great site to see is Ritter Island. Located between two springs alongside the Snake River, this island provides a great location for those who are looking to bird watch and take photographs. This island is also the site of the Thousand Springs Art Festival held each year. Thousands of visitors travel each year to this unique festival to hear great local music, shop for artwork, and spend time with their families. This event is a special event that has become famous in the Thousand Springs Park area. It is usually held in the fall of each year and more information is available at their website, Tours are also available year-round for visitors.

One of the most beautiful natural features of this state park is that of the Niagara Springs. The springs are considered a National Natural Landmark and run down the canyon side at 250 cubic feet per second. The water that runs through these springs is a beautiful icy blue color. There is also a trail to drive down into the springs, although this is only recommended for those traveling in small cars. Trailers and motorhomes are considered dangerous when traveling to the base of the springs. However, this site is a must-see for anyone traveling to this state park.

A great place to picnic is Crystal Springs Lake. This lake, which is handicap-accessible, is a home to many different wildlife species. Visitors to the lake can spend the day watching wildlife, taking pictures, and having a picnic lunch at the tables and picnic area provided. There is also a picnic shelter available in case of bad weather. This site is also equipped with modern restrooms and serves as a great location to take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Thousand Springs State Park has something everyone will enjoy. There is a lot of history in this site, since many of its trails served in the Oregon Trail route. Also, the landscape and geology of this area is unique and beautiful. Visitors can learn about the geological processes that occurred in the creation of the gorges and springs of this area while spending time in nature and hiking, fishing, or simply watching nature. Call today for more information: (208) 837-4505.