Lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo State Park is located near Billing, Montana. The park is open all year with numerous activities available to its visitors. Activities include bird watching, walking, hiking, running, boating, canoeing, wind surfing, fishing, lake fishing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, ice skating, nature area, picnicking, sailing, swimming, and wildlife viewing.

Lake Elmo State Park includes a 64 acre reservoir for swimming and nonmotorized boating as well as fishing through all seasons. The boat launch allows easy access for the boats. The park itself covers 123 acres of land at an elevation of nearly 3200 feet above sea level. Also offered is disable fishing from a specialized pier.

The park features a nature trail covering 1.4 miles for visitors to enjoy nature and see dramatic views of untouched beauty. The park offers its visitors a picnic area, a nature area and plenty of wildlife viewing. Water sports are the biggest activity promoted by the park. Wind surfing in the reservoir, kayaking, row boats and canoes make up much of the water sports in addition to swimming.

Winter sports are enjoyed by visitors as well including ice skating on the reservoir and cross country skiing on the trail. Even during the winter months wildlife is active and can be seen while walking or skiing the trail or while ice skating on the reservoir. During the summer months, watercraft rental is available for visitors. Because the lake is 16 feet deep, lifeguards are on duty throughout the summer from mid June to mid August. While the beach is open the rest of the summer, swimmers are cautioned that no lifeguards are on duty and swimming is done at one’s own risk.

Close by one can find golf courses, campgrounds, tourist spots, and several more parks. The Lake Elmo State Park is often easily confused with the Lake Elmo State Reserve. The Reserve is very nearby, but the majority of the land is designated as a reserve. However, this only serves to increase the beauty of both the state park and the reserve and encourages more wildlife to visit both places.

For those not wishing to spend the night in the great outdoors of nearby campgrounds, Billings has several choice hotels where one can stay. Billings is approximately three miles away from Lake Elmo State Park, so it is a very short trip into town. Other things to do around Lake Elmo State Park include the Hilands Golf Course, Mitchell Golf, batting cages, The Montana PRO Rodeo Hall of Fame and several more.

Many restaurants also surround the park, offering visitors a wide selection for their dining needs. Many shops can be found in Billings, just a few minutes away from the park, for souvenir selection or for any necessities that may have been forgotten. Food and beverage concessions is available at the park during the summer months as well.