Conchas Lake State Park

Many families are searching for new areas in which to enjoy a day trip or vacation. A visit to a state park can be one of the most enjoyable and interesting activities in which a family can participate. The Southwest offers some of the most attractive state parks in the country, and New Mexico’s Conchas Lake State Park provides a perfect example.

Conchas Lake is one of the largest lakes in New Mexico, and as such, provides an ideal recreational area for families, couples, and individuals. The Lake is administered by both the United States Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. State Parks Division. Conchas Lake State Park is especially appealing to families and retirees, as it offers a wide variety of family friendly activities, and a slow, easy pace.

Average Seasonal Temperatures

Conchas Lake State Park frequently experiences summertime temperatures in the 90’s, however, the night temperatures in the Conchas Lake area take a considerable drop after dark, averaging in the 60’s until morning. In the winter season, folks can expect highs in 50’s, however, nighttime lows very frequently drop to the teens or single digits. January is the driest month while July experiences the most rainfall of the year.

Windsurfing-A Newly Discovered Activity

While lake activities at the park have always been plentiful, when discovered by windsurfers in recent years, Conchas lake has gained considerable popularity as a windsurfing location. This is primarily due to the 15 mile an hour winds that are present approximately 50 percent of the time across the lake, making it ideal for windsurfing.

Northern and Southern Areas of the Park

Conchas Lake State Park is divided into two distinct sections. The south section is situated between the towns of Hooverville and Conchas, while the northern end is closer to undeveloped land. A total of 9 boat ramps are accessible to visitors: four in the southern section and five in the northern section. A courtesy dock which is wheelchair-accessible is available, as well.

Fishing and Boating

As one might expect, fishing and sailing are two of the most popular activities on the lake. Boat sizes range from one-man canoes to houseboats and large cabin cruisers. Sailing is extremely popular, as well, due to the aforementioned strong winds that are frequently present. In the summer season, the lake is host to guest’s personal watercraft, as well as a great number of water-skiers. The lake is periodically stocked for year-round fishing by the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game. Spring and Fall are ideal times to catch crappie and walleye fish. Catfish, largemouth bass, sunfish, bullhead, and bluegill, can also be found in abundance almost any time of the year.

Additional Water Activities

Conchas Lake offers 60 miles of unique shoreline peppered with various inlets, mini-coves, and other intriguing, secluded areas. These are favorites of boaters who wish to get away from the crowds. There are no designated areas for swimming, but this activity is allowed in most parts of the lake. Scuba diving and snorkeling are permitted in most areas of the beach, as well, although scuba divers should make sure the section of the lake they wish to dive in offers clear waters.

A Hike Through Boot Canyon

Boot Canyon is a nearby, attractive section of wilderness, well loved by locals and tourists alike. It sits adjacent to the park and offers a wide variety of hiking trails that one can enjoy. The terrains vary from challenging to mild, and hiking is allowed throughout most of the year. Certain restrictions may be implemented in the case of severe weather conditions.


Campsites are available during the spring, summer, and fall seasons and hookups are offered on a first come first serve basis. Sites are available for RVs, campers, or those who enjoy tent camping. Car parking is free, but rates for site rentals vary depending on the time of the year, and which of the three camping options one chooses.

Whether planning a vacation, or a simple day excursion, the Conchas Lake State Park offers a myriad of enjoyable activities for young and old alike, and families and individuals can expect a pleasant and memorable experience whenever they choose to visit this remarkable attraction.

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