Guide To Cimarron State Park – New Mexico

Cimarron State Park, also called Cimarron Canyon State Park, is a beautiful state park that is part of the largest wildlife area in New Mexico. This visually stunning park is noted for its great hunting and fishing scenes as well as camping and other activities. Cimarron State Park is easily accessible from US Highway 64. A natural spring greets visitors as they enter the park. Once you enter the park you can enjoy all it has to offer.

Cimarron State Park has over eight miles of space designated for trout fishing. The waters are full of rainbow trout and brown trout. There are also creeks in the park that have smaller trout. The river runs very close to the highway. Fly fisherman can park along the road and simply walk a few feet to find a great place to start casting. In addition to fishing, hunting is also available during the appropriate season. Among the many animals that can be hunted are deer, elk, and birds such as turkey or grouse. If you are more interested in looking at wildlife, there many areas to enjoy bird watching as well as view other animals. Bears and other animals can also be found in Cimarron State Park.

The great scenery of the park has made it an amazing sight for hiking. The rock bluffs, known in the park as the Palisades, are a beautiful area to either hike near or simply relax and eat lunch. The bluffs are the reason for the great canyon design of Cimarron State Park. People can hike through the main canyon areas and enjoy not only the views of the cliffs but also the wildlife areas. There are many different hiking trails. They are present in the hills and along the water. Different trails are available at different times. The park will have a guide as to what is available depending on the season and other reasons. During winter, cross country skiing is also very popular in the park.

Camping is another huge attraction at Cimarron State Park. There are designated camping sites that include grilling areas, bathrooms, and fire pits. You can park cars, trucks, and RVs in these areas. Camping can be done during the daylight hours or overnight. The park has different rates and regulations for each. In addition, camping requires a great deal of safety. Cimarron State Park has posted guidelines about food, particularly food that has odor. These guidelines are designed to protect you from bears, so following them is of paramount importance. The park will require you to dispose of all trash in designated trash cans.

Cimarron State Park is a park for all seasons. During the summer months, temperatures can get in middle to upper 80’s. In fall and spring, temperatures average in the 60’s. However, at night the park gets cold. That is something to consider when camping. Average fall and spring temperatures are below 40 at night. The summer can also get cold at night. Also, if a drought is going on in the surrounding area, Cimarron will have rules that you will need to follow in order to prevent fires from starting in the park. The park is open 24 hours and contact information is easily available if you have questions. The park manager is available at 575-377-6271.

Cimarron State Park has everything you would want in a state park. The scenery is beautiful. There is great hunting and fishing available. Hiking and camping is also excellent. If you’d rather, you can simply visit the park and enjoy a walk or a picnic. It’s easy to find and there are many areas where you can park. Take a trip to the park and enjoy a great way to spend the day. Follow the rules and check the maps so that you don’t miss out on some of the best things the park has to offer.