Bolon Island State Park, Oregon

Bolon Island State Park resides on Bolon Island in Oregon. This island lies in the middle of the Umpqua river and is open throughout the year. The park does not charge a fee for visitors, making it an inexpensive activity for those in the area. The park does have limited facilities and does not provide drinking water for guests, making it important for those visiting to bring ample water for their day. Hikers and those biking especially will want to bring additional water for drinking purposes. Pet owners will also be well advised to plan ahead and bring enough water for themselves and their pets.

Though mostly undeveloped, this park offers a rustic charm for visitors with its 11.4 acres of scenic splendor. This scenic area features a hiking trail that extends halfway around the island. This hiking trail can offer a wonderful opportunity for bird enthusiasts as many birds make their home along the trail. Bird watchers will find a number of species at Bolon Island State Park to enjoy.

The spectacular views of the Umpqua river lend themselves well to outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy nature photography. The wildlife and plant life changes with the seasons and can offer an ever changing location for photographers seeking interesting subject matter. The river also offers ample opportunity for photography for visitors. A memorial is also found on the state park premises that provides guests with information on the formation of the park such as its history. Tidelands and other landmarks also are visible from the hiking trail and add interest to the scenic views. Abandoned railways are another part of the scenery as well as an abandoned industrial building.

Fishing is available year round at Bolon Island State Park. A permit may be required and must be obtained prior to fishing. Boat launching is available for those who prefer to fish from a boat as opposed to on land. One of those most quiet fishing spots the park has to offer is near an abandoned dock area. This quiet location can offer those who are fishing an excellent and relaxing place to fish.

A number of trails are near to the park, offering hikers additional sources of trail to explore and enjoy. These additional trails may be used by hikers to extend their nature walks or hikes or to further explore the area. Some trails may be accessible by those on bicycle while others may be intended for foot traffic only. Some trails may be designated as approved for horseback riding but unless specified, horses are not permitted on the trails.

Pet owners who may be visiting beach areas or waterfront areas of the state park must adhere to rules established by the state park system. For Bolon Island State Park, all pets must be kept on a leash at all times. This applies for both the beach and trail areas. Any pet waste must be removed by the owner and the animal must be kept under physical control for the duration of the visit to the park. This is to ensure the safety of both the animal and the guests at the park.

Directions to Bolon Island State Park can be found through the Oregon State Parks and Recreation website at For answers to other questions about the park or any available facilities please contact the park at 1-800-551-6949.