Elijah Bristow State Park

Woodlands, wetlands and meadows are sprinkled across Elijah Bristow State park in Oregon, making it an ideal location for various outdoor activities. From mountain biking to hiking, outdoor enthusiasts are bombarded with as much as ten miles of beautiful trails, allowing visitors to take in the majestic views, lush landscapes and native wildlife who call the park home.

Water Sports and Activities
Named after one of Oregon’s first pioneer settlers, Elijah Bristow State Park is nestled along the famous Willamette River giving travelers access to numerous water sports and activities to partake in within the river’s waters. Quick moving rapids make for the perfect environment for visitors seeking to take advantage of the many white water rafting opportunities. Additionally, fishermen and fisherwomen will find an abundance of trout and salmon during fishing season, making fishing a popular activity within the park and surrounding areas. Boat ramps make water activities, including boating, fishing and other sports more convenient, and are located throughout the park near various water locations, such as the Dexter Reservoir and the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.

In addition to the Willamette River, Elijah Bristow State Park offers other beautiful and enticing bodies of water, where various activities can be endured and wildlife live within and among. Lost Creek is a popular body of water for visitors yearning for a variety of water sports and activities from swimming to fishing. Dexter Reservoir, located on the eastern portion of the park, offers power boating and sailing options as well as salmon fishing. While Dexter offers an array of activities surrounding is chilly waters, it also offers convenience with boat trailer parking and a courtesy dock near its picnic locations.

Available Trails
Campers and day-hikers a like can discover a plethora of trails and camp sites featuring various amenities and stunning views of the state park. Heron Trail, Elk Trail and Turtle Trail are just a few of the six different hiking trails feature at Elijah Bristow, giving backpackers various trail options when considering a hiking opportunities. Although some of the trails offered are multiple use, allowing bikers, equestrians and hikers to share the pathways, there are some trails available for walking and foot use only.

Picnic areas offer travelers fire pits, picnic tables, electricity and horse shoes pits, available by reservation, among the grassy fields and numerous lavish trails and paths. Barbeque stands are also widely available for use within the scattered picnicking locations. Non-reservable picnicking areas are also offered to visitors. Wildlife viewing areas round out the the breath-taking scenery that can be viewed by foot traffic, equestrians and bikers using the various trails located within the state park.

While many visitors of the state parks are drawn by the hiking selections, others are attracted to the extensive horse back riding and equestrian activities abounding. Amenities like horse trailer parking, corrals and ample trails, that can be used for equestrians and horse back riding first-timers, are attractive features that bring hundreds of riders to Elijah Bristow every year. Equestrians can find extensive staging locations within the park, specifically designed for horse back riding, offering users a unique place to prepare for their riding excursions and care for animals prior to activities. Because of the staging areas specifically for equestrian purposes, Elijah Bristol State Park has become a favorite location for various riding clubs within the area.

Wildlife and Nature
Thriving plant life and beautiful creatures which call the state park home provide additional sights and activities for hikers, bikers, equestrians and campers. Boasting a very diverse eco-system, Elijah Bristow State Park attracts botanists and plant lovers from around the world with evergreen trees, various shrubs and distinguished plants and the animals accompanying such a lush environment. Elk, deer, beaver, great blue herons, hawks, bald eagles, salmon, coyote and the Western pond turtle are just some of the beautiful creatures inhabiting Elijah Bristow State Park and providing additional excitement to visitors. In fact, the park is a main breeding ground for the area’s Western pond turtles, drawing visitors and students interested in the specimens.