Port Orford Heads State Park, Oregon

Lush forests, serene ocean beaches, rich history and unbridled rivers make Port Orford Heads State Park, Oregon a vacation spot that never lacks excitement, aiding the creation of countless memories with the availability of various outdoors activities.

Located on the southern coast of Oregon. Port Orford is the state’s oldest coastal town, with beautiful landscape boasting rocky bluffs, impressive sunsets and naturally beautiful beaches among a town rich in history and art. Free from crowds, visitors can find refuge in the natural solitude of Port Orford’s beauty, relaxing among the seascape and enjoying the simplest of life’s offerings. Free of charge, the town’s state park has much to offer any vacationer weary of daily stresses, seeking solace in nature’s offerings.

Hiking the Natural Landscapes
Visitors to Port Orford Heads State Park can enjoy the serenity and wild beauty of the surrounding scenery in a variety of ways. Hiking offers a method of viewing the headlands, with various wildlife prominent roaming the area. Three main hiking trails are available for walking and backpacking enthusiasts including: The Cove, The Headlands and The Tower trails. Whale watching is readily available during Autumn from the Headland trail vantage points, where hikers can encounter the enchanting breaching and reckless jumps of both Orcas and Gray Whales from atop Cape Blanco in the park.

In addition to whale watching, hikers may come across other wildlife who call the Port Orford Heads State Park home. Sea Lions, a variety of sea birds and blacktail deer are also widely spotted during winding hikes among the hills and bluffs of the park. With picnic areas dotting the hiking trails, travelers can enjoy the magnificent views of Port Orford’s state park with a sack lunch in hand, pausing throughout the trails for a meal among the spectacular panorama.

A true harbor, the city of Port Orford, Oregon, located nearby the state park offers countless fishing options for aficionados longing to catch fresh halibut, herring, sardines and perch. Fishing licenses and more information about the area’s fishing regulations can be found at the McNair’s True Value Hardware store in Port Orford or the Oregon Fish and Wildlife website www.dfw.state.or.us

Touting several campsites, the area surrounding Port Orford Heads State Park abundantly houses an array of campgrounds to meet the needs of diverse visitors. While the camping areas have different amenities and locations, thy are all similarly close in proximity to the natural beauty of the areas surrounding Port Orford Heads State park and the activities within and around it. Camping is a convenient way to stay within the environment, allowing travelers to obtain unbridled access to the many activities houses within the park, harbor, town and surrounding trails and sites. Cabins, traditional campgrounds and RV parks are all available for travelers in the area, meeting the diverse needs of different visitors. Depending the desired activities travelers wish to participate in, different campgrounds and sites will offer greater proximity and access to the areas in which they are located. Fishermen may find the Elk River or Sixes River Recreation Area Campgrounds more conveniently located, while Camp Blanco boasts horse riding and fully loaded grounds.

Brilliant Beaches
Though many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts may be drawn to the numerous activities within the area of Port Orford, the majestic beaches cannot be denied. A combination of both rocky and sandy beaches give visitors a variety of beach activities: from agate hunting to surfing to admiration of the mind-boggling rock formations. The beach areas offer more than mere crashing waves. Very near to the park, the area is also home to the Cape Blaco Lighthouse, which has guided fishermen and boaters alike for more than 100 years. Travelers can climb the stairs of Oregon’s only working lighthouse, taking in the surrounding ocean seascapes and viewing the workings of the lighthouse itself.

While Port Orford Heads State park is somewhat quietly secluded in contrast with the hustle and bustle of other beach areas across the United States crammed with beach goers and vacationers, it offers peace and serenity among the rocky trails and calm native landscaping. Perfect for hikers, wildlife spectators, fishermen, campers and nature lovers alike, the park offers various activities and sites on its website http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_61.php , where a brochure can also be downloaded. Additionally, travelers can uncover additional information regarding festivals and other events located within the area by calling 1-800-551-6949.