Utah Lake State Park

Many people flock to state parks to get a breath of fresh air and really enjoy the beauty their state of residence has to offer. The Utah Lake State Park is the perfect place to go with friends or family due to the wide abundance of activities that are offered. Whether somebody is interested in fishing or camping for a few nights, this is a perfect state park to check out. The park is open all year, allowing you to come by and really get an appreciation for the beauty in every season. The total size is a whopping 308 acres, allowing plenty of recreational activities and other fun events. The fee for camping is $20 a night, with the day-use being $9. This is a great way to spend a weekend or just a day, whether somebody is a long time resident of Utah or they are just passing through.

One of the biggest attractions of the Utah Lake State Park is the fishing offered. The facilities offer 4 different boat launching areas, allowing you to bring along your own boat and enjoy the beautiful water for the day. The sheltered 30-acre marina is perfect for you to bring your boat and get in and out of the water without a problem. Along with there being excellent fishing out on a boat, there is also a designated fishing area for those who are disabled. This is just one feature that makes this state park so accommodating to everybody who comes. The most common fish found here are walleye, white bass, black bass, channel catfish, and other species of panfish. Ice fishing is also available when the temperatures drop every winter, allowing avid fishers and beginners alike a chance to catch some fish.

The park also offers access to the 96,600 acre lake for sail boating, canoeing, kayaking, or power boating. Many people come down here for a couple days to spend some time on the water and enjoy some swimming as well. This is Utah’s largest freshwater lake, making it safe for young children and families alike. The park accommodates to everybody with a visitor center/museum which can be very helpful for anybody who may have questions.

Reservations can be made all year round for camping, with a maximum of 14 days in the campsites. There are 55 total units, with some even being RV sites. This is great news for anybody traveling through the state that wants to check out the beautiful Utah Lake State Park. The facilities include modern restrooms and showers, making it so convenient to stay for a couple days. There is also waste disposal and drinking water available. Many families come to the park just for the day due to the many picnic tables that are situated around the park. This is a great way to spend some time in the beautiful Utah weather. The concession service available is also nice because of the different food offered.

Peak season is between 4/15 and 10/15, so it is important that an individual plan their trip accordingly in order to ensure the best time is had. It can be difficult to get a boat loaded into the lake when it is crowded, so reservations need to be made in order for it to work out perfectly. Whether somebody is coming to Utah Lake State Park for the great fishing or camping, this is the perfect way to get in the outdoors and have a truly great time. The cost of the entry fee and camping cost is very low, making this a very affordable and nice way to spend some time. The ice fishing is also appealing for those who want to visit the state park during off season. Whatever activity is desired most, this is a great park to visit for somebody on a budget that is seeking a truly great time in Utah.