Anderson Lake State Park

The Anderson Lake State Park is a beautiful area located in the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, just south of Port Townsend.
Anderson Lake itself is a 70 acre lake with seasonal fishing and boating available. The lake is open for fishing, mostly trout, from the last Saturday in April to August 31. Catch and release is also allowed through the months of September and October. There is a watercraft launch site which allows for single boat loading and unloading. This launch site is closed for periods of time, but is usually available for use at the same time as fishing season. A permit is required for the use of the watercraft launch site. The cost of this permit is seven dollars per day, though year long permits can also be purchased. These permits are available at the park, at the State Park Headquarters in Olympia, at region offices, or online. Boaters must use caution, however, due to the shallow depth of the lake; its deepest point is only 25 feet.

The surrounding forest is on 410 acres of land and has various trails accessible for hiking, biking, and for equestrian use as well. In addition to the main parking lots that Anderson Lake State Park has to offer, there are also specialized parking lots for horse trailers. There are trails, such as the lakeside trail, which are available for hiking, but not for bike or horse riding. Other trails in and around the forest, such as the Anderson Trail or the Olympic Trail, are made for bikers and horses; trail users have been impressed by the quality and consistency of the trails. There have been some reports of muddy spots in various places along the trail during the winter, but for the most part the trails are relatively well drained.
Although there is no camping allowed in the park, the park closes from dusk until 8:00am, there are several picnicking areas around the park that visitors may use and enjoy. These picnicking areas have tables and benches, and there are also two restroom facilities located in the park. Visitors should know that there is no running water anywhere in the park. Also, watch out for the wildlife! There are various kinds of birds, including eagles, woodpeckers and ducks, as well as woodland creatures, such as chipmunks, deer, and raccoons.
For individuals or groups looking spend a day enjoying all that Anderson Lake State Park has to offer, be sure to check online to see if there are any events being held at the park in the near future. Also, the lake is sometimes closed to boating and swimming due to the levels of toxicity in the lake. This information is updated online at