Rockport State Park

One of the most beautiful forests can be found in the Rockport State Park that is situated snugly in the northern part of Washington. For many, the park offers extensive hiking trails, beautiful birdwatching areas, and a scenic view like no other. The park also consists of a magnificent ancient forest that is full of old-growth and spectacular greenery. The forest is full of tall firs, cedar trees, and dogwoods that bloom gorgeously in the spring. The forest canopy is so dense that even bright rays of sunlight can not penetrate through the thick brush. The forest itself is about six hundred and seventy acres. The greenery and trees have never been logged and so they have been left in their most natural form. The park also sits at the bottom of Sauk Mountain.

Rockport State Park was officially opened in 1961. The name of the park comes from the town that it is actually in. Hikers and campers can often be found wandering the extensive trails of the park, happily shaded under the century-old trees. The forest spans about six hundred acres and is the park’s main attraction. The greenery has never been logged, so the forest is quite literally in its natural form.

<b>Features and Attractions</b>
The park features numerous areas that people can set up camp in. Hiking is also a popular attraction for many, since the old-growth adds to the amazing experience a hiker can be sure to have when they set out on one of the many steep trails. Those who enjoy camping will be thrilled to know that it is allowed at Rockport State Park. There is a small fee that has to be paid in order to spend the night. You may choose to bring a tent or park your RV in one of the trimmed sections. Because the forest has never been logged and makes for a beautiful camping spot, bringing a tent would be your best bet.

Dogs are also allowed in the park, as long as they are on a leash. Kayaking on one of the rivers is also a popular sport, with many people spending their days white water rafting. Fishermen will also appreciate the fact that they are allowed to fish in the park. Fish that are available are of the freshwater variety. Keep in mind that a valid fishing license is required in order to go fishing. Many people who are looking to expand their hiking journeys might also head over to Sauk Mountain, which features a steep climb in order to get to the top of it.

<b>Park Nature</b>
The park houses many different animal and plant species, making it the ideal place for bird and wildlife watching. The dense forest makes for the perfect resting place for a variety of different animals. Some animals that are common around the park are coyotes, elk, hawks, hummingbirds, eagles, owls, and ospreys. For this reason, many avid birdwatchers will enjoy taking a trip to the park in order to add to their found-birds collection. While hiking through the many trails, do not be surprised if you see a deer or elk running across the path ahead.

Because the forest has never been touched by lumberjacks, there is a large assortment of different trees and brush that can only be found in an old-growth forest. Some of these trees include firs, yew, alder, maple, hemlock, and cedar. People have also said that visiting the park in the spring is one of the best times since the many dogwoods found along the hiking trails bloom completely and color the forest in brilliant hues. The park is the perfect location for the professional photographer to get some great shots.

<b>Contact Information</b>
The park’s day use area is open from May 4th to November 1st. During the summer, the hours of operation are 6:30am until dusk. This time frame does not apply to campers who are spending the night. If you are looking to schedule a camping trip or want to find out more information, please contact the park using the given information below.

Snail Mail:
Rockport State Park
51095 Highway 20
Rockport, WA 98283

Official Website:
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