The Beauty of Dash Point State Park

If you are looking to get out and explore the natural beauty of Washington State, either alone or with your entire family, you should consider a trip to the beautiful Dash State Park. It has many things that you can do to enjoy the outdoors; some of them will allow you to just relax and bask in the natural beauty, while others will help you get exercise and enjoy the feeling of getting out and participating in physical activity in the natural world — something that is all too hard to do in the cities. No matter what the reason is that you want to visit Dash State Park, you will find that it will provide a great atmosphere and a fun-fill place to have an escape.

Enjoying the Water
Dash State Park is located along Puget Sound, so there is a lot of coastline and all of the activities that come along with it. Visitors can walk along the shoreline and admire the water and the sea life that flourishes just off shore; children will enjoy picking up shells and pieces of driftwood that have come in with the waves to lay upon the sand. Canoes and kayaks can be put in anywhere along the beach, since you will not need a boat launch for such small craft. Larger boats can be rented nearby, as these will have power and can take you a lot farther; they can be rented for the entire day or by the hour.

Having a Picnic
You can rent out one of the two sheltered areas that are designed for picnics if you call the park in advance. This is ideal if you are going to have a large group of people for your picnic; these are often used for family reunions and other such events. The park also provides seventy-three picnic tables; these, however, are not sheltered, and they operate on a first come, first serve basis. However, with so many tables available, it is generally safe to trust that you and your family will be able to find one if you come for the day. There is also a lot of open land if you would rather just spread a blanket down and have your picnic that way.

There are many camping spaces for both tents and RVs. You can stay in these for up to ten days at a time during the summer, though this is expanded to a twenty-day limit between the months of September and April. The camping area does have quiet hours that run from ten at night to six thirty in the morning, so you will need to be conscious of this when you consider the kinds of activities that you will be participating in.

General Overview
All in all, this is a camp that caters to people who love to live near the water for a few days. This can be quite fun for children who have grown up in the city, as it can provide them with a very unique experience that they would not otherwise have been able to enjoy. The camping can be a lot of fun, and there are facilities such as bathrooms and a dumping station to make this a bit easier — while you will certainly be camping, you will not have to worry about roughing it to such a large extent that the trip is not fun for those who do not go camping very often. The water and the beach are the main attractions, and they can be very fun in a number of different ways. In the summer, being anywhere near a body of water that is as deep and refreshing as Puget Sound is a benefit all in itself.

If you would like to contact the park to find out more about all of the things that they offer to visitors, you can call them at 253-661-4955. You can also visit their website profile on, which can be found at Alternatively, another profile can be found on the Washington State Government’s website at The physical address of the park is as follows:

Dash Point State Park
5700 SW Dash Point Road
Federal Way, Washington 98023