Seminoe State Park

For those vacationers seeking a most unique experience while in the far west, Semino State Park is a great destination spot. It is located on State Road 220, approximately 35 miles north of the I-80 between the towns of Sinclair and Casper, Wyoming. There is something for everyone in the family including dunes, rivers and even a man-made reservoir. Camping is abundant as well, so whether this is for hunting and fishing or just a family getaway, this makes for one ideal spot that the entire clan will get a kick out of visiting.

Seminoe State Park is in the south/central part of Wyoming, and features beautiful scenery along with an almost untouched landscape. There are relatively few people that inhabit this area, so it offers wildlife at its most basic. There are many things to do for sportsmen and that includes boating on the many waterways, a beach for sunbathers and for trout fishermen, some world class areas in which to snag that prized species. With four different campgrounds and a host of water activities, this truly is a vacation paradise that many people are just starting to discover.

No matter what topographical feature is desired among visitors, they are sure to find something of interest at this park. There are giant white sand dunes, acres and acres of sagebrush, the Seminoe Mountains and the North Platte River too. Boasting over 180 miles of shoreline and the largest man-made reservoir in the state of Wyoming, Seminoe State Park is the largest one of its kind in the entire Wyoming system.

One thing that helps to set this facility apart from many of its brethren is the large number of camping facilities that are offered here. There are day-use and some overnight spots that have tables, grills and comfort stations among their amenities.

There are four main areas in this park that have sites for day rental and they including the North Red Hills Camping area, the South Red Hills Camping area, the Sunshine Beach Camping area, and the Sand Mountain Day use area. Each of these sites will be explored at length. Visitors and vacationers alike have to make plans when visiting these areas as camp sites are not reservable.

The North Red Hills Camping area has about 30 sites for rental, but few of them have any shelters available. For grill enthusiasts, there are fire grills and picnic tables to set up the perfect family barbecue. There are also rest rooms and a water hydrant nearby when the call of nature is heard. They do offer boat launches for the water sports enthusiast which will allow a low to deep water capability. For kids, there are play areas to keep them entertained and also potable drinking water too. This is really roughing it at its finest since the ground is not level in many places and most of the sites received significant wind exposure. With a dearth of shade trees, this does make for a truly unique outdoor experience.

The South Red Hills Camping area also has an area for children to play. It actually has two separate levels for campers with the lower level offering some wind protection. This also has a boat launch area for water craft fans. The upper level has the best view of the lake however, so there is a definite trade off when it comes to selecting a site here. There are 22 sites total with only a few of them actually offering shelters there. However there are picnic tables and fire pits to provide the incentive for family get-togethers and cook outs.

The third camp site is the Sunshine Beach area and this is along the shoreline and has both sandy and rocky spots along its length. There is no drinking water available here and only 2 shelters. As can probably be surmised, this is not a highly developed area.

Sand Mountain Day Use area is the final spot and it provides proper access to the largest beach at Seminoe State Park at the man-made reservoir. Since this is within walking distance, many vacationers have found this to be an attractive option when visiting.

Seminoe State Park is one of the premier attractions of any vacation spot in the entire far west. Since it is also family friendly, this makes for a cost effective getaway too.