Yellowstone Lake State Park

Yellowstone Lake State Park is a 1000 acre park that has a 455 acre lake included that is located in Wisconsin. The park is connected to the 4,000 acre Yellowstone Wildlife Area that many people find fun to enjoy both at the same time. The park has ton of things for a family to do on vacation for a week or just for a casual weekend away. One of the most popular activities to take part in are water activities, simply because Yellowstone Lake is right there. Fishing is available from the shores, or people can choose to take their boats out on the water. For those that do not have a boat, there is a boat rental near the lake for those people to take advantage of. The types of fish that are available in the lake are crappies, walleye, bass, bluegill, channel catfish, muskies and northern pike. There are regulations that are in place for those that are fishing though. For example, the fish that can be kept with two fish per person on the boat or on the shore is walleye, sauger, as well as their hybrids that are between fifteen and eighteen inches long. Anything shorter than that, does have to be released back into the water. In addition, channel and flathead catfish that are between fifteen and twenty-four inches long can be kept, while large mouth and small mouth bass that are between twelve and fifteen inches long may be kept as well. Northern pike, muskellunge, gar and borwin, as well as any hybrid of these are catch and release only. These regulations are posted in the park and those who fish are to follow these rules no matter what, if not they do risk being fined and asked to no longer fish in the area.

Swimming is also a great activity to partake in and there is a beach and part of the lake that is dedicated to swimming. However, keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on duty for those swimmers. There is a concession stand that is available in the park and is located near the boat rentals.

There are various other activities to participate in while visiting Yellowstone Lake State Park, such as trail hiking. There are over thirteen miles of trails that people can partake on. As well as four miles that are dedicated to off-road biking. However, those who do take partake on these trails should be cautious of those around them to avoid an accident. There are also horse trails to use during the months of May to November.

During the winter months, cross-country skiing and snow mobile trails are a popular activity for those visiting the area to participate in. However, there are restrictions with both of these activities, such as having a Wisconsin registration or a trail pass for those nonresidents while visiting Yellowstone Lake State Park. In addition, ice fishing is a common activity to take part in for those that risk going out into the cold.

Deer hunting is also what lures many people to come to Yellowstone Lake State Park. There is a permit that is needed for those to hunt within the park that wish too, however, the good news is that this permit is given to people with no charge. And of course, all the hunting regulations that have been set by the state of Wisconsin must be followed. For those that are unfamiliar with these regulations, the park office will be able to go over these and make sure that they are understood.

For those that want to have a picnic in the Yellowstone Lake State Park for the day, there are nine designated picnic areas to choose from. Everyone must remember though that what trash they bring in must go out with them, as there are no recycle bins or trash containers in these facilities. Those who are caught leaving their trash behind will be fined. In addition, pets are not allowed in these areas. However, there are areas that are designated for pets west of the beach within the park.

Yellowstone Lake State Park is located in the city of Blanchardville, at 8495 Lake Road. For those that would like more information about the park, including those activities that are not listed here, as well as the various fees that could be given to people and directions from major cities, visit the official website held by the Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin,