A Review of the Crankbrothers Multi 17

The Crankbrothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17 Function) comes complete with essential tools for roadside and trail-side damages commonly experienced by cyclists. The Crankbrothers Multi 17 comes with a chain tool (8/9 speed), spoke wrenches (#1, #2, #3, #4), hex wrenches (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8), screw drivers (Phillips and flat blade), open wrenches (8mm and10mm) and a Torx wrench (T25). Sporting an “all in one” design, the Multi 17 weighs at an modest168 grams courtesy of its 6061-T6 aluminum frame construction.

The Crankbrothers Multi 17 comes packaged in a backing board held by three small zip ties. A rubber sleeve that holds the tools together is also included. It retails at about $27 and comes in either gold or silver. As a bonus, the Multi 17 comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Although the Multi 17 may be useful for a variety of bicycles, it is especially useful and marketed more towards the mountain biking crowd. With the available tools, one can effectively assemble and disassemble a bike for traveling or emergency road repairs.

On the negative side, using the built-in chain tool may be a little difficult for some. The handle feels a tad uncomfortable. The pin also seems a little on the short side. It does not seem to have sufficient leverage to push the pin in all the way out. It also would have been nicer if when screwing the chain tool to close it, the Multi 17 would lock in the right position. For those who cannot manipulate the Multi 17 well enough to get the job done, it may be necessary to carry a pair of pliers or another tool specific for a chain break.

Still, other essential jobs such as swapping out pedals, securing a loose cleat and installing locks on grips seem like a breeze with the Multi 17. It is compact, solid and well made. While it is not the lightest of tools, it is small enough to fit in a standard seat bag.

There are cheaper tools with similar features but very few are just as finely crafted. While I do not recommend the Crankbrothers Multi 17 as a regular maintenance tool it does shine in emergency situations.

Having so many positive attributes, I would give the Crankbrothers Multi 17 a solid four out of five. If it weren’t for the chain tool issue, I would have given the Multi 17 a perfect score.