A Review of the Summit Titan Tree Stand

Summit has been providing exceptionally made hunting paraphernalia for the almost thirty years. Among its may products, the company has the distinction of providing some of the best tree stands in the industry.

Every Summit climbing tree stand is assembled in the United States. They are designed to meet or exceed the rigorous Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) standards. They even carry a 5-Year Limited Warranty. For 2010, all of Summit’s climbing tree stands sport the Realtree AP camo pattern for a contrasting and realistic look.

The largest among Summit’s impressive line is the Titan. Weighing in at 25 pounds, the Titan is made from reinforced aluminum and has a base of 18 inches by 12 inches and a platform of 20 inches by 30.75 inches. It can safely support 350 pounds which means sustaining the weight of a full-sized hunter with heavy cool weather apparel should be cinch.

The Summit Titan Tree Stand comes with a four-point safety harness, RapidClimb stirrups, pads, hardware, ropes and straps. The instructions are even very clear and easy to follow.

Packed and ready for duty, carrying the weight of the Titan for can be a strain. However, with the ease and simplicity of the setup, the effort was well worth it. The Titan feels so secure that there is hardly a squeak when using it. It really holds the tree and one can be comfortable even for long periods in the tree stand. Being so easily adjustable, it can accommodate hunters of different sizes and shapes.

Comfort aside, the Titan is also very versatile. Those hunting with a gun can lower the seat and those hunting with a bow can opt to elevate the chair. The wide platform gives hunters plenty of room to maneuver and provides a stable base for a variety of shot angles. The Titan’s solid front bar also makes climbing easy and doubles as a gun rest.

Smaller hunters may seem lost in such huge dimensions and may be more comfortable selecting something smaller in Summit’s line of tree climbers. The lack of side storage bags, a foot rest and a safety harness does knock it down a notch or two.

With an MSRP of about $320, the Titan is clearly one of the more expensive tree climbers in the market. While smaller hunters and those on a budget might shop around for something smaller and cheaper, hunters with a bigger frame are sure to appreciate what the Summit Titan Tree Stand has to offer. Personally, I would give the Titan a four out of five.