Abu Garcia Soron STX

The Abu Garcia is a Soron STX is a type of open faced spinning fishing reel. You can be confident that you will have a high quality product as part of your fishing rod when you put this on. You want to have something that is smooth for casting and that will assist you with reeling in those large fish you have attracted to your line with the bait on your hook.

The Soron STX series of spinning reels by Abu Garcia are constructed utilizing 11 high precision corrosion resistant bearings. This allows for a smooth casting and retrieving experience every time. The gears in the Abu Garcia Soron STX reel are made from heavy duty brass that won’t corrode either. This means it is going to last a very long time for you.

The cover of the reel as well as the arm are built from aluminum alloy that are resistant to corrosion. As a result the overall durability as well as attractiveness of this reel is too good to pass up. At the same time the materials it is designed from are also light weight. You can use this type of reel in saltwater or in fresh water and it won’t be damaged due to such exposure even for long periods of time.

This reel offered by Abu Garcia Soron STX has the trademark spool system so you don’t have to use tape or traction materials to spool braided fishing line. Depending on the type of fishing you will take part in, you can find this reel in different sizes for such needs. The Soron STX10 will hold 110 yards of 6 pound test with a gear ration of 5.1:1.

The Soron STX20 will hold 130 yards of 8 pound test with the same gear ratio. The STX40 model offered holds 220 yards of 10 pound test fishing line at the same gear ratio. If you need more, you can go with the STX60 with 250 yards of 12 pound test. This gear ratio is 4.8:1. The largest of the Soron STX series is the STX70. This one has a capacity of 250 yards of 17 pound test. The gear ration is the same as the STX60.

The prices of the Abu Garcia Soron STX vary based on the size of the reel. THE MSRP for the smallest reel is $129.95 and range up to $149.99 for the largest reel. This particular reel would be a great investment with a 5 out of 5 rating. Even thought it is pricy, you have to consider the overall quality of the materials that are being used. Abu Garcia is well known for offering high quality products that will last for many years.

There is no doubt that you will get your money’s worth when you invest in one of these reels. If you know someone that is an avid outdoorsman with a love of fishing, this can be a wonderful gift that they will appreciate. It will make a great addition to any Abu Garcia fishing poles including