Abu Garcia Vendetta Fishing Pole

You can’t go wrong with any Abu Garcia products, and so the introduction of the Vendetta fishing pole is something that you may be curious about. It is certainly gaining lots of attention by avid fishermen out there. Not only does it look great but it is very durable and flexible. This is a great tool for fishing on a regular basis or only occasionally when you get a free weekend.

The Abu Garcia Vendetta fishing pole is offered in two different models – one for casting and one for spinning. Both of them are well made and factory balanced so it comes down to what you are interested in. This balancing is one of the key reasons that Abu Garcia fishing poles are able to be ahead of those of their competition. They are tested by Revo and the Soron reels for accuracy. This ensures that the balance offered is going to allow you to have control over casting that is very smooth each and every time.

They are outfitted with Fuji soft reel seats that keep the reel in place. At the same time they offer you additional comfort. There is a 30 ton graphite construction that makes the Abu Garcia Vendetta fishing pole one that is going to last for a very long time. The wind and other elements aren’t going to damage it. There is an aluminum seating surface for the reel too so that it will be surely in place.

There is a convenient hook keeper offered too. This helps to prevent snags and offers a higher level of safety. You can get Abu Garcia Vendetta fishing poles in a variety of weights too. They include light, medium light, medium, and heavy. You may want to explore them so that you can decide what you will be the most comfortable with. The medium poles are offered in 6 foot 3 inch, 6 foot 6 inch, and 7 foot lengths. You may want to take these different lengths into consideration when you are shopping for your fishing pole.

With so many variations though you have the benefit of being able to get one that is customized for your own needs. You can also buy the one that is very specific for the types of fish you like to go looking for. It is wise to explore the different options so you can be confident to get the one that is perfect for you.

The prices for the Abu Garcia Vendetta fishing poles start at $79.99 and range upward of another $20. It will depend on the length and the strength of the pole you are looking at. All of them are an exceptional value because the Abu Garcia name is one you can trust. They are a leader in fishing pole items and this new model isn’t one that is going to disappoint in any way.

This fishing pole earns a 4 out of 5 rating and it is one you will be extremely happy with every time you take it fishing. The reason it doesn’t get a 5 is that it is priced a bit more than other top brands that offer similar fishing poles.