Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper

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The Adventure Medical Kit Day Tripper, designed for an all-day hike or a short overnight trip, has wound dressings, a good selection of medications, and a small collection of medical instruments and supplies. Total weight is only 15 ounces, and, with a reasonable size (5 1/4″ by 7 1/2″ by 3″), it fits easily into any backpack. This kit is perfect for hikes into the back-country that include an overnight stay, for car (or camper) camping, and for family outings to local parks. The Day Tripper can also be used as the basic medical kit for a car, boat, or recreational vehicle — or even for local back-country skiing. A book, “The Complete Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine” is included — if weight is an important consideration on your outing, read the book thoroughly, learn its contents completely, and leave the book behind when you go on your mountain hike.

The Day Tripper has the same features as the larger versions made by Adventure, but is sized for small groups and short trips, and, therefore, is priced much more cheaply. Specific features from the premium kits included in the Day Tripper are a syringe system for irrigating wounds and cuts, moleskin for blisters, and doses of medication for inflammation, diarrhea, insect bites, allergic reactions, and bee stings.

Products included in the Day Tripper kit for taking care of cuts, wounds, and stings are:
– One pair of sterile gloves (for treating cuts and wounds)
– One antiseptic hand wipe (for cleaning skin and instruments)
– One 9″ x 5″ “Trauma Pad” (used for pressure on a bleeding wound)
– One set of tweezers (for removing splinters and ticks)
– Four anesthetic wipes (to ease wound pain)
– Two sealed alcohol swabs (to clean cuts and wounds)
– One package of two cotton-tip applicator (for daubing on antiseptic ointment)
– One irrigation syringe, holding up to 10 cc of liquid
– One ten-yard roll of adhesive tape, 1″ wide
– One tube of Tincture of Benzoin, a topical skin ointment to treat insect stings
– Three single-use packets of an antibiotic ointment

The Day Tripper has several types of bandages and dressing:
– Five 3″ x 1″ fabric adhesive bandages
– Three knuckle-sized fabric adhesive bandages
– Four butterfly bandages
– Two packages containing two sterile gauze dressings, each a two inch square
– Two packages containing two sterile gauze dressings, each a four inch square
– Two packages each containing a single 2″ x 3″ sterile non-adhesive dressing
– One package of moleskin, shaped and pre-cut (for burns and blisters)
– One elastic bandage, 2″ wide with with Velcro closure (for sprains)
– Two safety pins

With sprains, or any other kind of injury that involves pain, there are anti-inflammatory drugs in the kit to reduce the pain and the inflammation, as well as drugs to treat insect bites, reduce allergic reactions, and control diarrhea.

The medications included in the Day Tripper kit are:
– Two single-use packets of After-Bite wipes
– Two 25 mg doses of an antihistamine (Diphenhydramine)
– One package of two 325 mg doses of aspirin
– One package of one 2 mg dose of Diamode (a drug used to combat diarrhea)
– Three 2-dose packets of the anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen (each dose 200 mg)

For legal reasons, medications may vary depending on where you buy the Day Tripper kit. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $33. All in all, the Day Tripper kit is an excellent addition to any hike or trip — on a scale of 1 to 5, I’d rate this kit a 5.