Big Sky Mirage 1P Reviewed

The Big Sky Mirage 1P is a freestanding, hybrid one person shelter. It is unique in the sense that consumers can choose to customize the tent according to their needs. Those who wish to purchase the Mirage can choose from a number of materials and accessories.

The basic tent material is priced at about $275 is already remarkably light. For those wanting something lighter, two other materials are made available. At an additional cost, the SuprSil can be had for an additional $35. For those wanting Big Sky’s lightest cover, the Let-It-Pour, expect to add another $275 on top of the base price.

The base model features two doors but for a cleaner look, there is also an option for a one door edition. Peg kits, guy lines and groundsheets can also be purchased separately and customized according to weight and design. A special storage bag made from the patented Silnylon is also available.

Since it is a one piece shelter, the Big Sky Mirage 1P can be easily set up or taken down. This is a very useful feature during the rains and during stormy weather, the Mirage remains quite sturdy thanks to its poles being attached to the outer shell. Being lightweight and freestanding, it can even be quickly transferred from one location to a better one.

In situations where there are stronger gusts of winds, the optional guy lines and Y-not stakes can be used. The Mirage has four available loops next to the toggles for the guy lines. Unlike other tent designs, the guy lines do not block the doorways in any way.

Aside from the outstanding design that allows users to go in and out very quickly, the Mirage does not have that claustrophobic feel common among the majority of conventional tent designs. Its high ceilings gives the user comfortable space and overhead clearance. Another nice feature is the wide open view the Mirage is able to provide with the vestibules tied back.

The Mirage clearly deserves a perfect, five out of five. Even without the bells and whistles, the base model performs well. Not only that but touches such as a smooth running zipper on the mesh doors, tie back toggles which fit easily into the loops and and four mesh pockets make the Big Sky Mirage 1P the ideal tent for outdoor enthusiasts.