Black Diamond Syncline Trekking Poles

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Support and balance are two of the most vital things while hiking in the outdoors, especially with a loaded pack. Terrain ranging from steep inclines to rocky uneven stretches and acres of forest laden with fallen trees can present even the lightweight, the Black Diamond Syncline trekking pole offers all that a hiker could ask for. If you are the type of backpacker who prefers to keep poles in hand while on the move, these are likely the most convenient solution.

The majority of trekking poles are constructed in three segments to collapse to a conveniently small form factor, but the numerous mobile elements in the design can sometimes prove to be unreliable. Built of two segments, the Black Diamond Syncline poles may not be the most practical pieces of equipment to pack away, but the lack of extra clips and adjustment pieces make these products strong as steel.
In order to fold the Syncline trekking pole for stowing, the simple Flicklock™ mechanism provides the necessary strength to hold in place and prevent any potentially injurious slips. Capable of extending to a lengthy 59 inches to accommodate even the tallest of hikers, these poles also collapse to 38 inches. Fortunately, the Flicklock clip is simple and effective enough to remain operational in even the most sordid weather conditions: from mud to snow, rain and extreme heat.
Depending on the sort of landscape that one is hiking through, different sorts of basket tips are necessary to retain effective levels of traction. Countryside and forest conditions require the regular trekking tip, a sort of sharp point that stays put as weight is placed upon it. For more snow ridden hills and trips, a powder basket is provided to keep sturdy balance amongst frigid snowdrifts.
The foam grips remain comfortable after hours of trekking through terrain, contoured to fit nicely in a human hand. An aluminum shaft can support a surprising amount of stress, while the carbide tip bites into the earth as a reliable support. Weighing in at 1 pound 4.5 ounces, the Black Diamond Syncline poles certainly classify as lightweight – an important factor in trekking poles, especially as a day’s hike winds down and exhaustion sets in.
Unfortunately, due to the singular length adjustment mechanism, these trekking poles cannot be collapsed beyond 38 inches. Outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to carry their poles on the outside of their pack at times may find the added length to be restrictive and impractical. Individuals packing this product along with them while traveling by airline will be penalized with additional charges – objects longer than 26 inches are considered to be additional luggage.

Price: $70 for a pair.