BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50

The BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 is a scope that you may want to consider for your rifle. It is well made and works extremely well in all weather conditions. This may be the accessory you need to improve your accuracy for competitions or for hunting. However, it was created to help hunters for when it gets too dark to see. The larger exit pupil means that your eyes can receive more light. As a result you will also find that your eyes aren’t strained or fatigued.

The camera quality glass is used for the BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 to give you an unblemished view. The scope is angled so that you can use it during the day as a means of shading your aim from the sunlight too. As a result you can use this type of scope any time of the day or night. They are fog proof and water proof. They are also shock proof so that when you use them with a high recoil rifle you will be protected. The use of nitrogen for the inner scope is what prevents internal fogging from occurring.

The windage and elevation charts offer a push/pull reset system. You can easily make adjustments with the use of an Allen screw. Keep a set of wrenches handy with your BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 so that you can conveniently make such adjustments any time you need to. The conditions where you hunt or compete may influence what settings you use.

The standard BSA reticle is offered with the BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50. Some of the specifications include the 3.5 x10 magnification, 50 millimeter objective lens, ¼ inch click adjustment value, 45/45 range of adjustment, and a 24-9 field view at 100 yards. All of this allows you to have the ultimate experience for hunting or competing.

The overall weight of the BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 is just over 17 ounces so it is very light to work with. Don’t let that light weight full you though as this is still one of the most durable types of scopes offered on the market at this point in time. It is so well made that the manufacturer confidently offers you a limited lifetime warranty.

The MSRP for the BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 was $295 but now you can find it online for $139.95 which is an amazing deal. Some are skeptical with such a low price but it is certainly something you should consider. This price may not last for long and you don’t want to be regretting down the road that you passed it up.

Out of a possible 5, the BSA Catseye 3.5-10×50 earns a rating of 5. In fact, it is unbelievable that you can get this top of the line scope for such a low price. Don’t be surprised if you start to see many people with them. After all, you can’t beat the overall design of them or how easy they are to adjust. When you also add in that they are so affordable it is too good of a combination to pass up.