Bushnell Trophy 3-9×40

If you happen to be a budget minded hunter, or just a guy that is looking for a good quality rifle scope, that will not break your wallet. You should consider the Bushnell Trophy 3-9x 40 rifle scopes. It is a good quality scope that will provide years of service, and can be had at a reasonable price. Suggested retail price is in the one-hundred and fifty dollar range. Many on-line sport hunting shops are selling this scope far below suggested retail price.

Having surfed the web, it was found that the average price for this scope was selling for anywhere from eighty one dollars to about eighty four dollars plus shipping. One site offered a flat shipping rate of two dollars and fifty cents. On to the scope.

The scope tube itself is made from one piece heavy duty aluminum tubing with integrated saddle and is available in either matte black, realtree AP camo, silver, and gloss finish. The tube itself is dry nitrogen filled to insure fog- free viewing. In addition, the scope is 100% shock proof and water proof. The scope is anodized and sealed virtually protecting the inside from dust, dirt, and the elements in general. If you happen to accidentally knock your rifle against your truck, a tree, or something else, you will not have to worry about scope adjustments being knocked out of alignment. This scope is built tough. Critical areas are O-Ring sealed to insure true water proofing, no matter what the weather conditions.

The objective lens is multi-coated and high contrast amber bright, to insure increased light gathering ability for excellent hunting from dawn to dusk. A virtual guarantee of clear viewing to 91% even in low- light conditions. The ocular or eye piece features Bushnell’s “fast focus” patent for getting your eye focused quickly on target. The reticule available for the Bushnell Trophy 3-9×40 is the standard Multi-X or the new D.O.A. 600. If you are a hunter who likes to take the guess work out of range estimation, then the D.O.A. 600 reticule may be for you. This new reticule has graduated lines etched on the reticule that allows highly accurate shooting to six hundred yards, when the scope has been zeroed to one hundred yards. It is remarkably effective with most popular brands of hunting ammunition.

Windage and elevation adjustments consist of the turret type. Each click on the dial represents one- quarter inch of movement or bullet impact on the target at 100 yards. Movement of the dial in either direction is exceptionally precise and robust, firmly locking into place with an audible click. When one stops to consider the remarkably reasonable price for the Bushnell Trophy 3-9×40, and it’s overall features and quality. This is a particularly nice scope for the hunter on a budget. These days, it is even more beneficial to get all the quality we can for every dollar we spend. Rating this scope on a scale of 1-5, I give it a definite 4.5