Bushnell Trophy Cam

The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a great product that can enhance your overall hunting experience. The new design is one that revolutionizes the industry overall. Bushnell is well known as a leader in this industry. What is great is that this model is very small so it is convenient to carry it around. Even though the size is smaller though it doesn’t lack any of the remarkable features that the larger ones offer.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam comes with a battery that has a life of about 1 year. This camera is going to help you with capturing the image of even fast moving animals. It offers a 1 second trigger speed so you can get the photos you want without any blurriness. There is the three shot display offering so you can get lots of poses if you want. You can also set the delay to be from the default of 1 second up to 60 minutes.

The image quality is also great after dark. With the selection of either 3, 5, or 8 mega pixels you also get the advantage of better resolution. This camera allows you to also create wonderful videos with great sound. You can use 1 second to 60 second footage at a high resolution.

The PIR sensor has a 3 times larger area of coverage than any other camera Bushnell has offered before. This range is good for up to 45 feet from where you are taking the shots. As a result you can get some remarkable images without having to be right on top of the animals. It also functions very well in spite of extremely temperatures. This includes those cold days below zero to those hot days that are soaring at over 100.

As a result, they have gone the distance with the Bushnell Trophy cam in terms of meeting the demands of consumers. It offers up to 16 GB SD card for an extremely high image capacity. For the avid hunter this means you can take lots of photos and not have to worry about the memory card filling up before you get home to view them.

All of the images from the Bushnell Trophy Cam offer you the timestamp option. This includes the date, time, and even the moon phase. You can turn this feature on and off as you would like to. The finish on this camera is done in Realtree AP camouflage.

The MSRP for the Bushnell Trophy Cam is $145 which is a decent price. Not only is it affordable but you get a smaller version that is simple to carry around in your pocket. It is easy to set the features for customization so that you can get the most out of this particular product. You can also consider having multiple cameras set up in various locations due to the small size of them. They can fit into the palm of your hand so you can easily put a few extras in your backpack without noticing any extra weight.

Out of a possible 5 rating, this particular product earns 4.5. While it is going to work well, it is more expensive than other models out there that you may want to consider. At the same time though it does offer lots of convenience and features. So if you plan to use the camera frequently it can turn out to be a wise investment for you.