Cabela’s Outfitter Ice Otter Cooler

Whether you are the average weekend camper who is never far from the well-traveled blacktop or someone who prefers their communion with nature to be longer in length and more primitive, this cooler can fulfill all your desires and keep your food fresh or your trophies in perfect condition until you can take them home.

The Cabela’s Outfitter Ice Otter Cooler can keep ice for up to a week for those who intend to head into nature and not come back for seven solid days. The cooler can guarantee your access to cold milk the entire time away or preserve that week’s worth of steak if your plan is to commune with nature without hunting for your dinner.

Rated a 4.3 out of 5 with 84-percent customer satisfaction according to Cabela’s, the 56-qt. cooler is constructed of a tough polyethylene shell and filled with polyurethane foam. This construction guarantees it will hold up even if used by a rough camper that expects their equipment and supplies to hold up under heavy wear and tear. A molded-in steel faucet provides easy draining once you reach your home turf. The lid sits on a steel hinge guaranteed not to wear out and molded in handles mean less opportunity to break when the cooler is fully loaded for those extended trips into the woods.

The Cabela’s Outfitter Ice Otter Cooler has received reviews from long-time outdoor enthusiasts and has been named the cooler to have and the most reliable and money-saving in terms of ice purchases.
Most buyers reveal they would purchase this cooler again; some in fact already have done so and use two coolers at once.

If you are the camper that looks for style with quality, Cabela’s Outfitter Ice Otter Cooler also delivers in this area. A simple white that will fit into any decor yet stands out in the wild so as to avoid misplacing the cooler means this is the perfect choice.

A slightly heftier price does come with the many appealing features of this cooler; however the length of time it can be expected to last means this will be your last purchase for coolers and allow for more money to go toward the bigger tent or the more comfortable sleeping bag in the long run.