Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfishng Outfit

Flyfishing is known as the “contemplative man’s recreation.” That, however, doesn’t mean that flyfishers always like contemplating. Sure they may enjoy musing over the great outdoors while peacefully casting their line through the clean air and skimming their hand-made flies across the sparkling water in hopes of catching a fish, but that doesn’t mean they want to contemplate every facet and every small detail of the sport.

Many don’t, for example, want to have to contemplate the choice between lines made of silk or horse hair, between long or short rods, between thin and light or strong and heavy reels. Further, they may not want to decide on a type of wood or bamboo for their rods. It’s hard enough to learn the basics of fly-fishing without having to worry about the necessary equipment.

Then there are the many techniques for the vastly different situations flyfishers encounter, such as those used when fishing in cold water, when dry fly trout fishing, when nymphying for trout, when fishing for trout in still water, when ‘playing’ trout, when releasing trout, and when flyfishing in saltwater. No matter the situation, the techniques are numerous and complex. Therefore, it is in the best interest for all but the most advanced fishermen to get a complete flyfishing outfit. These outfits come with all the essentials, allowing one to focus their contemplative thoughts on the techniques and the beauty that the act of flyshing entails, not on the equipment choices required.

Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfishing Outfit is one of the best on the market. It comes with all the equipment needed to start flyfishing immediately. From the new and improved Prestige rod and reel on to the best available flies and accessories, Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfising Outfit is perfect for the fisher who wants to contemplate while fishing but not before when shopping.

Moderately priced and including a moderate fast-action rod, Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfishing Outfit is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience. The included rod is a work of art with wood reel seats and up-locking rings. The die-cast aluminum reel it comes with has both a smooth disc drag with a large side knob and a large arbor that makes for extremely fast line retrieval. Best of all, the reel comes pre-spooled for left-hand retrieval, easily converted from left to right hand retrieve, and is backed with Scientific Anglers Headstart fly line with two leaders.

Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfishing Outfit tops it off with two dozen Umpqua flies, a fly box, a chest pack, a leader and straightener, nippers with retractors, forcepts with retractors, fly floatants, strike indicators, split shots, a rod and reel case, and, last but not least, a instructional DVD. Therefore, Cabela’s Prestige Complete Flyfishing Outfit is perfect for beginners, but because it is so moderately priced and because it comes with so many high-quality essentials, it is still of high value for even the most seasoned flyfisher.