Camelbak Lobo

The Camelbak Lobo is a great choice for anyone who likes to explore the outdoors and wants the convenience Camelbak is known for. This pack was specifically designed for mountain biking; however, I think it works equally well for hiking due to the relative light weight. It is designed to hold as much liquid as possible and has an organizational system to maximize available space while still being comfortable to wear. The pack has a 100 oz. hydration bladder which is the largest available for Camelbak’s exterior fill products. There is enough storage space for a wallet, keys, a couple of energy bars and a basic trail emergency kit. The Camelbak Lobo is best utilized for half day trips on the trail. Any longer than that and most cyclists find they need to use saddle bags on their bikes to hold extra supplies and usually will need to refill the bladder. The pack is comfortable for longer rides with its gel pockets on the shoulder straps. It also has an adjustable chest strap and waist strap for maximum customization and comfort. The low profile design of the pack also helps with the level of comfort the pack provides, cutting down on the feeling of bulk, which ultimately helps with rider balance over rough trails. Road cyclists will also enjoy the sleek style of the pack since it does not have enough bulk to have a huge affect on wind resistance. The Camelback Lobo comes in four color schemes: black/charcoal, chili pepper/charcoal, macaw green/black, and teak/grey green. The MSRP of the Camelbak Lobo is $75.00. Pricing of the pack varies at online retailers from $60.00 to full price.

Taking all things into consideration, price, convenience, style and color options, I would rate this pack a 4 out of 5. This pack would have gotten 5 out of 5 if there was more storage space, but everything else the Lobo has to offer is top notch, and maintains the high standards Camelbak products are known for. This pack should definitely be considered by anyone who is looking for the right tools to enjoy the outdoors to their fullest extent.