Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap N Roll Storage

Camping is a great experience, but if you are like many others, you want some comfort when it’s time for bed. Not only can a long day outdoors take a beating on your bones, but you also want to feel outdoor comfort while you sleep. There is no reason to rough it on the ground, and if you are coupled or taking your kids for a camping weekend, you can get great use from the Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage. The queen-size air mattress is an inflatable bed that has room for one or two, offering reliability and heavy duty durability for even the roughest terrain.

Features of the QuickBed
The actual bed measures at 77”L x 61”W x 9”H, offering queen size accommodations for those nights outside. The bed features double-lock valves that ensure the quickest inflation, much quicker than that of other air beds. The Coleman Queen Quickbed can be inflated in as little as 3 minutes, deflating quickly as well. The bed also features PVC construction designed for holding as much as 600lbs, even resisting most punctures. There is, however, a puncture repair kit that is supplied with the Coleman air bed, ensuring that there are no mishaps when you are trying to get some sleep.

The comfort of the Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage is superior to most air beds, offering the ComfortSmart coil system which will conform to the body’s contours, ensuring minimal pressure points. This means the best sleep you will ever get outdoors, guaranteed. This air bed is definitely not intended for a permanent solution to a mattress, but can serve as a great solution to temporary outdoor sleeping such as with camping or any type of light reclining activities.

Typical Use for Air Bed
The Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage is a great choice for campers looking for an excellent accommodation at night. The bed can also be used for reclining outside, but should be used on land and not within water. The MSRP for the air bed is typically around $28, but it can be found as low as $22.50. The bed is definitely worth its price as it can serve as a quick and handy alternative to an uncomfortable sleeping bag or the ground.

Although the Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage provides excellent comfort for those nights under the stars, there are a few complaints. The life of the air bed is said to be quite short, but for less than $30, if used properly, the bed can be used for quite a while and the price is definitely used from the product. The size also creates complaints as although it is supposed to be a queen-sized bed, some users claim it is a bit smaller and less accommodating. The overall rating for this air bed is a 3 out of 5 as it is relatively cheap and comfortable, but just doesn’t last for the length it should.