Daiwa Zillion 100SHA Reviewed

To many people, fishing is simply a hobby that the family might participate in once or twice per year. For others, fishing is one of the most obsessive sports that he or she has ever been a part of. Those who are heavily invested in their equipment know that when you buy quality, you will not have to replace that piece of gear maybe ever again. This is why many fishermen purchase nothing but the utmost in quality. The Daiwa 100SHA Zillion line offers the angler the utmost in quality and reliability. The reel is sleek in design, which allows the user to access all of its features with one hand. High quality bearings ensure that every turn of the crank will be as smooth as it was the day it was removed from the box. The low profile allows the reel to be far less intrusive on the rod than other bulky reels and very lightweight for all day use. It has been rated by top anglers as a best buy for those who can afford its hefty price tag.


The Daiwa 100SHA Zillion is a fishing reel that you will have for life. This reel not only looks the part, but plays it as well. With every crank, the user is ensured that thirty one inches of line will be retrieved. The gears can be adjusted to performance and all purpose modes while the handle components use the best steel couplings to ensure no wobble and the utmost in leverage while cranking. The ball bearings total six in all with one roller bearing, which ensures for the smoothest casting and retrieval reel on the market. Casting becomes a breeze with the Daiwa 100SHA anti-backlash system, which allows for more time in the water. Never again will your arm be too exhausted to get in those final casts, which will be far more productive than they were before. The reel itself is put together with the highest grade aluminum to fully support the internal drive train of the Daiwa 100SHA.


The specs for this rod are truly amazing. The fact that one crank of the reel brings in over thirty one inches of line is enough although there are plenty more attributes to this reel. If offers soft gripping to reduce stiffness in the hand and boasts a gear ratio of 7.1:1, which means for every one turn of the crank, the spool will spin seven times. The reel will hold one hundred and fifty yards of twelve pound test, and one hundred and twenty five yards of fourteen pound test, which is ample for any freshwater scenario and for some saltwater uses as well. Its lightweight design allows the user to cast all day with all of the reel’s eight point eight oz frame. When the maximum drag has been set, the drag will reach up to eight point eight pounds, which can definitely handle the biggest large mouth bass.

Where to Buy

There are many online retail shops that offer the Daiwa 100SHA for sale although many differ in their price. The MSRP on the reel is somewhere around $400 but sells for much less. Online auction websites have a few up for sale and some may go for less than $300. This reel is one of the most sought after freshwater bass reels on the market although it is used for many other fish other than bass. Coupled with a stiff seven foot six inch rod, that combination would be deadly for flounder fishing in the sounds, creeks, and even surf of the Southeast. Visit your local tackle shop today to see if they have one on display.