Deuter Kid Comfort II

Deuter’s Kid Comfort II baby backpack has been a top selling item, a fact which speaks for its value. When it was redesigned three years ago, they made it even more comfortable for both the baby and the back of the person doing the carrying.

For packing a child on short trips like grocery shopping, this carrier is over-kill; a lighter duty one will do just fine. But for outdoor sports with irregular terrain, for a full day at the museum, or for spending a few hours at the mall without struggling with crazy-wheeled strollers, the Kid Comfort II is worth a second look.

Mountain bikers and climbers will quickly recognize the Deuter company name. The business was founded over a century ago to make backpacks for hikers and climbers in the Black Forest and Bavarian mountain ranges of Germany and the eastern Alps. Progressing from mountain packs to backpack baby carriers was a natural fit for a company that makes products for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Deuter company calls the area of their child carrier where the child sits a “cockpit.” That is not much of an exaggeration. There is a fully adjustable system of safety harnesses that hold all sizes from a baby to a 45 lb. toddler securely in place. It includes a quick-release side buckle to get the child out. Even the seat height is adjustable. One recurring comment among owners is that the first time they used the Kid Comfort II, it took awhile to figure out the strap adjustments, but once they found the best fit, the harness system worked well.

No cockpit would be complete without “hydration compatibility,” right? Most babies will ignore the ad-hype terminology and just enjoy the bottle holder. Their parents will like that it has been placed close to the side of the waist for both ease of access and better weight distribution when the bottle is full.

What parents will like best is that this baby carrier is designed with the knowledge of physics and human anatomy that go into mountain backpacking gear. It has a padded waist belt that distributes the weight of the child and baby supplies with exceptional comfort. The lumbar support lets outdoorsmen cover more hiking distance more comfortably without stopping. It has a stable kickstand for the times that you need to place the carrier on a surface.

The baby carrier is also comfortable for the child, and many parents report that their kids often fall asleep while they are out backpacking. The seat material is a breathable fabric that makes hiking more comfortable in warm weather. A 3-in-1 sun roof, shade screen, and rain cover fly is available, but it works best for children in the middle range of the backpack’s limits. The carrying capacity is rated at 48.5 pounds, and that includes both the child and the baby paraphernalia. The pack itself weighs just over six pounds. That makes it slightly heavier than most baby carriers, but Deuter’s Kid Comfort II is designed for year-in and year-out durability. It has rear zippered and side mesh pockets for holding extra gear.

The Deuter Kid Comfort II meets or exceeds all US and European child safety standards. It usually retails for just under $220.00. On a scale of 1 to 5, it gets a 4.5 for its solid construction, its over all comfort, and the added value of lasting long enough to hand down to the next child.