Diamond Iceman FLX

The Diamond Iceman FLX bow is an excellent choice. In 2009 it took the lead for the Outdoor Choice Competitors award. Diamond has always been a leader in the industry of bows. With the FLX there is a cable containment system offered that makes it highly tuned with the right amount of tension. When you have a premium bow, you need such ability.

The string stop is made from quality carbon. It has a Realtree camouflage pattern. It comes with a hardwood grip that is stylish as well as highly effective for overall control. If you don’t want to be seen on a hunt, the camo pattern of this bow is going to help you to remain well hidden. This bow is soft to the touch and insulates the hands during cold weather shooting. That is a huge benefit so that you are comfortable and your accuracy will remain.

The finish won’t be affected by chemicals found in bug repellent or various scent sprays. Those are common items used for hunting. You want to be confident that your equipment is going to remain in good condition when you use them. Diamond has done their research and gone the distance to make sure you can have such benefits.

When you draw your Diamond Iceman FLX, it flexes inward. This allows the cable torque to be driven away from the riser. This bow has a forged aluminum single forged riser and laminated limbs that help to offer it such a high level of quality. This is also a flexible bow when it comes to what you use it for. It is excellent for hunting, for competition, and for practicing in order to improve your overall level of accuracy.

The Diamond Ice FLX is very quiet and that can be a huge benefit when you are hunting. You don’t want your prey to hear you right before you get to the moment when you will be shooting an arrow through them. There is very little vibration as well which is going to improve your overall accuracy. In fact, many are calling it the deadliest bow around!

The draw length of this bow can be from 24 to 30 inches. This is enough of a range to accommodate just about any one interested in archery. The draw weight is from 60 to 70 pounds. It is very simple to make such adjustments so that you can customize the Diamond Iceman FLX to your body. There is a maximum 323 feet per second IBO speed.

There is an adjustable let-off of 65% to 80%. This bow has quickly become the top choice of many that are involved in competitive shooting. It has also become a favorite of avid hunters who have been loyal to the Diamond brand for many years.

The MSRP price for the Diamond Iceman FLX is $799. That price is for the bow only. Then you can pick the various accessories that you will add to complete it. However, you can get a package deal with Octane accessories. You will get five pin fiber optic sights, Hostage Pro Capture arrow rest, the Octane camouflage five arrow one piece quiver, braided wrist sling, peek sight, and a 7 inch stabilizer for $999.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the Diamond Iceman FLX is an excellent product for the price. It comes with all of the elements you need to have a remarkable tool. It is versatile and it will need limited amounts of adjusting. This is a bow you can rely on for years to come. It won’t be falling apart soon after you start to use it. The Diamond brand offers a very good warranty on all of their products too.