Diamondback Response Mountain Bike

A durable hardtail mountain bike, the Diamondback Response is suitable for riding on almost any terrain from casual paved paths to uneven and rocky trails. Offering more stable performance than some full suspension frames, this bike provides a combination of rugged versatility while offering a comfortable riding experience.

Available in white and a dirty blue color, this bike can be used by men or women who want an affordable mountain bike. Retail price for this bike is a mid range $500 that is good for those wanting a decent mountain bike but need to adhere to a budget. The price may vary between retailers but is also affected by the size of frame selected as the Diamondback Response mountain bike comes in several frame sizes from a large to extra large as well as an extra small option.

Three editions of this model exist – the base model Response, the Response Sport and Response Comp. The Sport is the middle of the group, offering all of the features the base model does as well as several of the features from the more expensive Comp model. Disc brakes are one of the more attractive features of the Response Sport model, offering a safe and steady form of braking that will last for a long time.

The suspension included in this model of mountain bike is capable of handling easy commutes, biking back and forth to classes or around town as well as difficult trails. This bike is ideal for those who are just getting started with their first foray into the world of mountain biking not only due to the cost but also for the features offered. Many of the parts such as pedals and seat can be easily replaced by those who may wish to either increase seated comfort or pedaling.

Those who need a solid mountain bike but aren’t ready to commit to some of the higher costs associated with high end quality will find that any of the three models of the Diamondback Response mountain bike is a very excellent buy. This product rates a 4 out of 5 for the level of quality and durability delivered by the Response. This mountain bike equipped with the extra large frame is also capable of providing a good riding experience for those who may be a bit heavier without needing to make modifications as is the case with some mountain bikes.