Dynamic and Simple to Clean

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Coated in a nonstick ceramic glaze free of harmful toxins and acids, the Evernew Aluminum Ceramic Non-stick Deep Pots come in two sizes, .9 and 1.3 liters. While the deeper pot was handy for boiling water, simmering stew and cooking rice, the lid also serves as a pan large enough to grill vegetables, cook pancakes and biscuits. The larger size is probably unnecessary, all the basic things can be cooked without much effort in the .9 liter version- plus the lower surface area brings water to a boil more speedily.

Built of lightweight aluminum weighing 7.4 oz or 8.8 oz depending on size, the Evernew Non-stick Deep Pots are simple to pack in with other supplies one may need on the trail. Since they fit together, the pan and the pot will be that much less to worry about when arranging supplies and determining a packing configuration.

These pots serve as a healthy alternative to Teflon coated cookware, which is known to contain substances not meant for human consumption. Additionally, they prove equally simple to clean- a sponge, a bit of water and a little work can render even the grimiest pot spotless and ready for usage again. Evernew built their Aluminum Ceramic Deep Pots with insulated handles that fold against the sides, allowing for packing without handles sticking out haphazardly and the plastic insulation prevents burning one’s hands while cooking and serving.

Running at about the same cost as another premium cookware kit, Evernew’s addition to camping cookware obviously has its benefits but is not a necessary buy by any means. Unless you worry incessantly about what toxins may be ingested while cooking on Teflon, an upgrade will likely cost you more than it is worth. However, these light, easily cleanable and healthy pots offer a good array of cooking configurations for any camping enthusiast and the distinctive orange color will definitely set you apart from the others.

Priced at $37-40.

I would rate this cookware set at a 4/5. A top-shelf product, to be sure, but an experienced camper need not replace his or her trusty pots for these Evernew beauties.