Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss does deserve a tremendous amount of credit for coming up with a brilliant title for his book. A moniker along the lines of Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life is definitely going to turn people’s heads. Yet, will it truly be able to save your life? Well, no book no matter how well written is going to guarantee your personal safety in any situation. However, when personal safety and survival is presented in a clear and effective manner, it can definitely increase the odds of your survival. Consider that the best aspect of Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss. It is a title that has the potential to improve your odds of survival when a very bad situation develops.

And what type of bad situation does this book cover? Here is the answer in one word: everything.

Yes, that does seem like a bold proclamation for a book to make. Yet, Strauss is able to effectively live up to his promises by providing an excellent insight into what is needed to get out of a number of dire scenarios. Subjects such as criminal and terrorist attacks, domestic unrest, rioting, natural disasters and even economic chaos are all covered effectively and in depth. Once again, no author or trainer can positive say for sure he/she can deliver secret knowledge to get out of an emergency situation with ease. A quality author can discuss the subject in an intelligent manner, clearly define an emergency situation, and then provide insights into how to extract oneself from such a situation.

One aspect of this particular work that makes it appealing is that is does not delve into the realm of the “kook fringe”. What does that mean? Basically, a great many books written on the subject of survival have a tendency to be over the top and rooted in more fantastic elements. In short, they are more fiction inspired than reality based. While Strauss does understand there is a certain fantasy element to the genre of survival writing, he also realizes that a firm root in reality is needed. He also understands a lighthearted approach can sometimes be the best one when dealing with such a subject. You can take solace in the fact that much of his writing employs a sense of humor and wittiness that makes the book a joy to read. It is not depressing and downbeat like so many survival and emergency works tend to be. That makes this book a refreshing alternative to the neo-anarchist theory that frequently masquerades as survival non-fiction.

That is not to say that all the material presented in the book can be considered completely helpful. Some of the material is born of spy novels although the material has been designed in such a way that it maintains a semblance of credibility. For example, the subject of how to craft a second identity or set up a Swiss bank account is mentioned in a cursory manner. That means the subject is introduced but not covered in depth. Then again, what would be the value of covering it in depth since a few of the steps required to set up a new identity in a foreign land require hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consider these sections of the tome food for thought and home to a lot of entertainment value. Such info can be a nice reprieve from the more serious topics covered elsewhere in the work.

Ultimately, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss is an entertaining read for those that live in metropolitan areas that need a little insight into what happens when civilization breaks down. And you never know when that is going to happen so be prepared – buy the book!